ThoughtSpot for
Transportation Analytics

Transportation services are changing rapidly. Ride-hailing services like Uber and Lyft are changing the role that government plays in public transit, while electric vehicle adoption is disrupting traditional funding models based on gas taxes.

Federal, state, and local transportation agencies have access to more data than ever. Mobile devices, GPS, connected vehicles and other traffic monitoring sources are a wealth of information to provide insight into real-world travel patterns. Used correctly, this data can increase the efficiency of operations and help us build a better overall understanding of how citizens move, allowing local governments to apply resources where they are needed most.

INDOT Customer story snippet

The Indiana Department of Transportation uses ThoughtSpot to enable self-service analytics for non-technical staff for use cases such as:

Operational analytics.

The INDOT team controls costs by simply searching to analyze their operations.

Safety engineering.

By analyzing vehicle accidents, INDOT can make better design decisions and road repairs.

Quality control.

INDOT analyzes purchase orders to hold vendors accountable.

Major California Transportation Agency

One of the major toll road agencies in California use search & AI-driven analytics to better understand trends around payments and violations at the toll transaction stations that they operate. With ThoughtSpot, the agency has fast access to insights on traffic, toll payments, and violations with ad hoc searches.

Transportation Agency Use Cases

Predictive maintenance

Safety engineering

Procurement Analytics

Route Planning & Optimization

Toll Transaction & Violation Analysis

Ridership Analytics

Operations Cost Control

Conversational Analytics for Riders