ThoughtSpot for
K-12 Educators

Educators and administrators are drowning in data, with volumes of reports regarding student performance, teacher performance, attendance data, and test results. You can make this data easily accessible with the power or search & AI-driven analytics. Educators with access to this information in a timely fashion can change the trajectory of a student’s life.

Teachers’ Biggest Need With K-12 Data: More Time to Make Sense of It

Being able to pinpoint high-risk students or effective teaching strategies means educators can focus on getting more kids to graduate, more kids to post-secondary, and more kids to college.

don’t have “time during the school day to access and use data effectively”

have too much data and can’t make it actionable

see data not being accessible or in a format they can use

have too much data and can’t make it actionable


Enable educators to answer any data question
with Search & AI

Collegis turns to ThoughtSpot to give educators insights across all their data

With ThoughtSpot, Collegis teams helps schools improve in areas such as enrollment (marketing efficacy, enrollment management), student outcomes, and risk analysis With ThoughtSpot, Collegis Education cut data prep and implementation time by 90 percent.

“I can’t invest in a tool that’s going to take 5 times as much time to train everyone to use. That’s not scalable.”

- Dan Antonsen, Marketing Technology Manager, Collegis Education

K-12 education use cases for search & AI-driven
analytics include:

Uncovering anomalies among districts, schools, courses, and professors

Evidence based policy-making

Identifying opportunities for personalized learning to maximize student achievement

Optimizing student services including transportation, meal-services, etc.