Improving Data Analytics for Financial Services

Do your brokers have the power to perform their own loan analyses? Probably not. In fact, your brokers likely have to work with a data scientist to assess findings and develop data visualizations for financial reporting. This process can take weeks of collaboration.

Wouldn’t it be better to give your brokers the ability to do their own financial data analysis? What if you could give every member of your organization the ability to ask questions of your structured data and receive answers in an instant? Well that dream is now an attainable reality, thanks to ThoughtSpot.

ThoughtSpot is a data analytics tool that affords business users the ability to query their data as if they were typing a question into the Google search bar. Are you ready for the future of data analytics for financial services?

A New Approach to Business Analytics Software

ThoughtSpot’s unparalleled usability is driven by our Relational Search Engine. This nifty tool not only empowers business users to draw answers from their data, it also answers the questions you have yet to ask.

For instance, you could be interested in researching “overdue mortgage loans by city.” ThoughtSpot will pull this data for you into an interactive and customizable visualization that you can share with your partners or save as an embedded dashboard. Additionally, ThoughtSpot will provide further breakdowns regarding age groups, regions, year-over-year results and more.

The benefits of this business intelligence solution are extensive. With ThoughtSpot, you can:

  • Make faster business decisions based on quality information

  • Increase revenue opportunities by investigating and leveraging consumer trends

  • Get instant answers about loan data across sources and customers

  • Deliver results with immediate access to partners and third-party collaborators

With all these functionalities and more, it’s no wonder why some of the world's best brands use ThoughtSpot for their data analytics. Want to see what all the fuss is about for yourself? Reach out to ThoughtSpot for your free demo today!

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