Analytics for the
Google Cloud

Generative AI on all your Google-hosted data

Use search and AI to uncover real-time insights without compromising
security, performance, or cost.

Loved by startups, trusted by enterprises

Take self-service
analytics beyond the

  • Search to create charts and
    visualizations that answer business
    questions on the fly.
  • Drill anywhere into Liveboards for
    free-form data exploration.
  • Automated business monitoring and anomaly detection.
  • Relevant content discovery through
    AI and natural language search.

Build data apps for
every embedded
analytics scenario

  • Embed natural language search for
    self-service chart creation.
  • Provide unlimited drill-downs with
    embedded Liveboards.
  • Reuse search data models to lower
    dev costs and drive faster deployment times.
  • Rapidly experiment and test via an
    interactive developer playground.

Integrate with Looker Modeler to bring trusted data directly to your business users

  • Standardize company metrics and
    data models using LookML.
  • With a few clicks, connect directly
    to LookML to access common
    aggregations and metrics definitions.
  • Users can drill, search, and create
    Liveboards directly on the Looker
    semantic layer.

Self-service analytics
for the Google

  • Search your spreadsheet data to
    create charts and visualizations
    with ThoughtSpot Sheets Analytics.
  • Connect your spreadsheets to
    trusted data with ThoughtSpot Connected Sheets.
  • Embed live charts and visualizations
    in Google Slides with ThoughtSpot
    Connected Slides.

Deploy ThoughtSpot
SaaS on Google
Cloud for limitless

  • Purchase directly through Google
    Cloud Marketplace.
  • Access search and AI-Powered
    Analytics as a fully managed service.
  • Ensure maximum efficiency for all of
    your data analytics applications with GCP.

What used to take a data professional 15 to 20 minutes can be done in seconds with ThoughtSpot running on Google Cloud.

Greg Capodagli Senior Marketing Manager

Different partners have different needs, and with ThoughtSpot, we’re able to customize the data and share this with different brands.

Luke Austen Senior Data Product Manager

When you’re looking at the total cost of a data app development team, time to market, and speed to revenue growth, the business case for ThoughtSpot is substantial.

Chris Mann VP of Strategy

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