Getting Ad Hoc Answers from Your BI Reporting Software

There’s something to be said for having a long-term data strategy complete with regular BI reporting and a host of tried-and-true metrics to measure. But even the best-laid plans can backfire. Business is dynamic, not static. Organizations need reporting and analytics tools capable of handling the expected, the unexpected and everything in between.

What happens if you need insights on a short deadline? Any traditional workflow that features a data team as the gatekeepers—and only people qualified to interpret large volumes of data—will typically take days to turn around. It also keeps end users in the dark about how certain insights came to be.

But ad hoc reporting software from ThoughtSpot streamlines the process, allowing end users from across the company to use business intelligence reporting tools like a Relational Search engine and SpotIQ AI engine to come up with quick insights, charts and graphs. Within moments, users can go from asking questions of stored data to embedding an interactive visualization model showing the answers into an application to share with colleagues or clients.

It’s easy to envision use cases across every industry, from manufacturing to retail, healthcare and financial services. One customer story outlined why a trader needed access to ad hoc BI reporting: “I want to explore my data from new angles, looking for a different edge, so I’m hardly likely to be asking the same questions that have been asked before and whose answers are baked into the dashboards and reports I’ve got access to. I need new queries and reports. Maybe I don’t even know right now what queries.”

Here are a few ThoughtSpot features useful for getting speedy, relevant insights:

  • Guided search suggestions to help users find exactly what they’re looking for

  • Automated, AI-driven insights that humans alone may have missed

  • Advanced algorithms that can pull data from many sources in split seconds

  • Automatic visualizations to represent relevant data—no fumbling with chart creation

  • Enterprise-grade security including centralized control for authorization

Seeing ThoughtSpot’s ad hoc reporting software in action is believing. Get started with a video demonstration today!

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