ThoughtSpot Announces Partnership with Google Cloud and Integrates with Looker to Transform How Companies use Data

Google Cloud and ThoughtSpot deepen partnership with the launch of ThoughtSpot as an independent SaaS analytics platform built on Google Cloud, integrations with ThoughtSpot and Looker, and new capabilities for ThoughtSpot Sheets Analytics and Google Connected Sheets to help companies model, analyze, and act on data in Google Cloud

Mountain View, California – March 29, 2023 - ThoughtSpot, the AI-Powered Analytics company, and Google Cloud today announced an expanded partnership to help companies reimagine how they utilize data, analytics, and AI to drive business outcomes. This new partnership includes delivery of ThoughtSpot’s SaaS offering on Google Cloud, a deep integration with Looker Modeler, and bringing ThoughtSpot Sheets Analytics to Google Connected Sheets, along with new ways to purchase, deploy, and consume ThoughtSpot on the Google Cloud Marketplace, Google BigQuery Partner Center, and Google Workspace Marketplace. The news comes on the heels of the launch of ThoughtSpot Sage, a new natural language search experience for data powered by large language models like GPT.

With economic uncertainty looming and competitive challenges mounting, organizations today are facing unprecedented pressure to operate efficiently, while finding new means to delight customers and grow revenue. Companies leading their industries are doing so by moving beyond the legacy data visualization tools of the last decade, and embracing the modern data stack, including more flexible ways to model, analyze, and consume data. The most effective companies have taken this a step further, empowering anyone on their team to go beyond dashboards and use natural language to ask, answer, and act on their own data questions in real time, without requiring any technical skills. 

Google Cloud and ThoughtSpot have been partnering to help customers take advantage of multi cloud analytics and live database queries on Google BigQuery for cloud analytics. With the new partnership between Google Cloud and ThoughtSpot, joint customers like CVS Health, Hilton, Paypal, JustEat, CNA Insurance, Endeavor Group, and can take these further to embrace modern analytics, delivering trusted data that every user can intuitively and intelligently explore at scale. Furthermore, companies can take these capabilities to monetize their data by building entirely new data products with embedded analytics. Customers who want to build their entire data stack with Google can do so, without ever leaving the Google Cloud ecosystem. With these capabilities, customers can extract more value from their cloud and data investments.

These capabilities include:

  • ThoughtSpot’s SaaS offering built directly on Google Cloud. While customers have been able to run ThoughtSpot directly on their data in Google BigQuery, ThoughtSpot’s SaaS offering is now built directly on Google Cloud and will be available to customers in the coming months. This gives customers the flexibility to choose not only the cloud data platform of their choice for specific use cases, but the public cloud they want to build on.
  • ThoughtSpot integration with Looker Modeler. Customers can model, transform, and define metrics in their data using Looker’s Semantic Model and Looker Modeler, giving them confidence and trust to empower their teams at scale. Then, anybody can use ThoughtSpot to explore and endlessly drill into this data with natural language search, embed business monitoring and anomaly detection, and create interactive Liveboards that take users well beyond static dashboards. The integration will be available to customers later this year.
  • ThoughtSpot for Sheets integration with Google Cloud and Google Connected Sheets. Last year, ThoughtSpot launched ThoughtSpot for Sheets, a free plug in for individuals who want to use Google Sheets for data analysis. ThoughtSpot Sheets Analytics now integrates with Google Connected Sheets and can now use ThoughtSpot Sheets Analytics, including leveraging large language models, on data directly in Google BigQuery and Looker to create and consume AI-generated insights.
  • New ways to try and buy ThoughtSpot. ThoughtSpot SaaS will soon be available in the Google Cloud Marketplace, the BigQuery Partner Center, and Google Workspace Marketplace. Customers can also use their committed spend and credits on Google Marketplace to purchase ThoughtSpot. This provides organizations with multiple ways to experience, purchase, and deploy the combined power of ThoughtSpot, Looker, BigQuery, and Google Cloud with ease. 

“As a leading commercial insurance company, deriving meaningful insights from data is paramount for CNA. With a self-service analytics tool like ThoughtSpot, our team is able to quickly leverage data that allows us to better understand our business and make decisions at speed," said Jane Possell, EVP, Chief Information Officer, CNA. "To truly maximize the value of our data, we've been an early mover to the Google Cloud Platform, pairing the scale and capabilities of Google Cloud Platform with Looker, and the intuitive AI-Powered Analytics from ThoughtSpot. I'm excited to see these companies working more closely together to deliver a truly differentiated data experience for companies like CNA."

"At Modern Market Eatery and Lemonade, everything from how we market to which dishes we serve is done with the goal of creating an exceptional dining experience for our guests. Using data to inform decisions across our brands is a vital component of delivering on this mission. To get the information we needed, however, we would have to check Point of Sales and Excel reports," said Rob McColgan, President, Modern Market and Lemonade. "We needed a BI solution that was built using a serverless cloud based warehouse, which we could feed from our source systems, to get real ease of use and flexibility. With Google BigQuery as our cloud solution, this data really comes to life with ThoughtSpot as the front end analytics powerhouse. I'm excited to see these two companies working together to help customers like us get even more value from our data in the cloud."

"As one of ThoughtSpot's earliest customers, we share their vision for making analytics simple and accessible for everyone. As the world has moved to the cloud, we've been able to go on this journey with ThoughtSpot, pairing the innovative analytics experience with the scale, customization, and power of Google Cloud," said Dan Antonson, Sr. Director of Marketing and Analytics Technology at Collegis Education. "Having our data platform work seamlessly with best of breed tools from across the stack is critical to our organization's success today. This new integration and deepening partnership between ThoughtSpot and Google Cloud will make it even easier for companies who want to leverage both solutions."

“Partnering with Google Cloud is always special, not just because of their customer first ethos, but because of the customers themselves, who are some of the most modern, dynamic companies I’ve had the pleasure of working with. These organizations are hungrier than ever to reap the benefits of the modern data stack, bringing flexibility, security, and ease of use to the way their organizations utilize data. With economic turbulence ahead and ever-shortening cycles of creation, disruption, and destruction, this is only going to accelerate,” said Sumeet Arora, Chief Development Officer, ThoughtSpot. “By expanding our relationship with Looker and Google Cloud, our customers have the freedom to select the best tools for their specific use case, from modeling data to embedding analytics to delivering self service. I look forward to continuing to work closely with our partners at Google Cloud to help our customers move beyond the dashboard and build their businesses on live, interactive data.”

“Through our close partnership, ThoughtSpot can soon use Google Cloud’s trusted, global infrastructure and data cloud capabilities with the security, elasticity, and reliability that customers need,” said Bruno Aziza, Head of Data & Analytics, Google Cloud. “Bringing ThoughtSpot’s platform and its capabilities in natural language search closer to Looker, BigQuery, and Google Sheets will open up new opportunities for customers to explore data and create business value in their diverse landscapes.”

ThoughtSpot’s SaaS offering on Google Cloud, the ThoughtSpot integration with Looker and Looker Modeler, and ThoughtSpot Sheets Analytics for Connected Sheets will all be available later this year. For more information, visit our website or try ThoughtSpot for yourself. 

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