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Answer your own data
questions instantly

Search the answer to any business question

No SQL? No problem. ThoughtSpot's intuitive, Google-like search interface makes it easy to interact with cloud data from Snowflake, Google Big Query, Redshift, Databricks and more so you can get to your “why” faster.

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Create and share compelling data stories

Visualize your most important business metrics in real-time with interactive Liveboards that allow you to drill down, filter, add measures, and present on the fly. Your legacy BI tool could never.

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Get automated business monitoring and alerting

Stay on top of your most important business KPIs and learn why changes happen so you can take action in the moment.

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Deliver safe, reliable,
self-service analytics

Connect to your cloud data platform in minutes

ThoughtSpot connects directly to your cloud data so you can start creating insights from day one. No data movement or caching required.

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Flexibly model your data, your way

Whether you prefer dbt, custom SQL views, or our lightweight worksheets, you can create a fully scriptable, centrally governed data model in minutes from the Data Workspace. It’s an analytics engineer’s dream come true.

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Drive analyst productivity through the roof with AI

Automatically spot anomalies, correlations, and trends in your data with SpotIQ’s AI-driven algorithm that gets smarter and more personalized after every use. When key metrics change, automatically alert users in apps like Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Gmail.

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Build stickier
analytics experiences

Embed analytics with just a few lines of code

Embed engaging Live Analytics experiences into any app, portal, or product with ThoughtSpot Everywhere’s developer-friendly platform.

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Analytics as code

Build using modern, open languages to reduce maintenance, and improve developer satisfaction and retention.

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The Modern Analytics Cloud
delivers for everyone

Business leader

Get insights at the
speed of thought

Business leader like Stephanie McSwiney, VP of Sales, from Frontify uses ThoughtSpot to create insights when and where she needs them to be effective on the frontlines.

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Data Leader

Unleash the value of
your cloud data

Data leader like Sunny Bedi, CIO & CDO, from Snowflake uses ThoughtSpot to drive cultural change with cloud-based analytics technology.

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Become the analyst
of the future

Data analyst like Parimila Narasimha, Sr. Director of Data Sciences & Advanced Analytics, from Cox uses ThoughtSpot to enable stakeholders to answer their own business questions.

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Product Builder

Make your product stickier
and more interactive with
embedded live analytics

Product builder like Santiago Murisengo, Senior Product Manager, from Loan Market Group uses ThoughtSpot to build stickier user experiences and bring his products to market faster.

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Embed analytics with
a few lines of code

Developer like David Clifton, IT Developer Lead, from FieldCore uses ThoughtSpot to deploy critical information to his business leaders within days.

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Connect to your cloud
data in seconds

ThoughtSpot’s dynamic search architecture sits directly on top of your cloud data platform so you can interact with all of your live cloud data at the most granular level.

Wow, this is exactly what I expected it to do. This can replace three or more things on my current report that I have to build manually today.

Eileen Bonney VP of Client Success

We now all look at our data consistently in ThoughtSpot. No more manipulation in spreadsheets and PowerPoint.

Sunny Bedi CIO & CDO

45 days worth of excel spreadsheets turned into 20 minutes with ThoughtSpot and we now have so much better insights because of it.

Rachel Hartley Performance Marketing Manager

With ThoughtSpot and dbt, we can quickly model and ship trusted data to generate business insights, saving us hours of productivity a week!

Jay Kotecha Senior Data Scientist

ThoughtSpot was the only tool that was made for a business user to go in and get answers without needing to spend months learning how to use it.

Rachel Kozloski Product Owner of Self-Service Reporting

Our finance team can easily get granular, actionable insights on underlying sales growth, turnover and more with the scale and speed we need.

Vivek Malhotra Sr. Manager Customer Development Analytics
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