ThoughtSpot and Databricks make governed, self-service analytics a reality with new Unity Catalog integration

Two years ago, we announced our Databricks partnership—including the launch of ThoughtSpot for Databricks, which gives joint customers the ability to run ThoughtSpot search queries directly on the Databricks Lakehouse without the need to move any data. Since then, we’ve empowered teams at companies like Johnson & Johnson, NASDAQ, and Flyr to safely self-serve business-critical insights on governed and reliable data.

Today, ThoughtSpot and Databricks continue to innovate at the forefront of cloud data, AI, and analytics to bring our customers the fastest, most reliable analytics experience available on the modern data stack. As the need to make accurate, in-the-moment business decisions continues to grow, governance and reliability have become increasingly important. 

That’s why we are excited to announce our new integration with Databricks Unity Catalog.

Unity Catalog centralizes governance of files, tables, models, and other assets within Databricks, letting organizations manage fine-grained data permissions using standard ANSI SQL or a simple UI and enabling customers to safely open their Lakehouse for broad internal consumption. Unity Catalog enforces security permissions from any client that connects through JDBC/ODBC or Delta Sharing.

ThoughtSpot now supports Unity Catalog by integrating directly with Databricks Unity Catalog enabled clusters and warehouses, allowing users to select tables from multiple catalogs that they have access to. In doing so, ThoughtSpot admins can take advantage of the latest, fine-grain security capabilities of the Databricks Lakehouse and have confidence that self-service users are interacting with ThoughtSpot’s natural language search and AI in a safe and controlled manner.  

This integration is currently available in preview and will be fully available to all ThoughtSpot Cloud customers soon.

With ThoughtSpot and Databricks, customers can: 

Uncover insights on Databricks’ Lakehouse with search & AI 

With ThoughtSpot, customers can unearth powerful insights from Databricks SQL through a simple search, or use AI to automatically uncover insights without even asking a question.

Build interactive data apps 

Product leaders and developers can build data apps, products, and services with ThoughtSpot Everywhere and embed powerful data apps on top of Databricks, powered by Databricks SQL and Delta Lake, enabling organizations to serve internal customers and monetize data with consumer-grade native apps. 

Make AI and ML more consumable 

Insights and predictions from machine learning workloads built in Databricks can be accessed through natural language search, getting them into production with business users more quickly than ever before. 

Take advantage of all that ThoughtSpot + Databricks has to offer

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