Launch AI-Powered Analytics use cases
in minutes

Accelerate deployment with SpotApp
templates for your favorite SaaS applications.

Powered by ThoughtSpot Modeling Language (TML)

Deliver transparency, flexibility and scale to your modeling layer with an open-standard framework for scriptable objects.

Built with ThoughtSpot Blocks

Reusable pieces of TML code to accelerate Search and AI-driven analytics.

Action Blocks

Pre-defined Seekwell code to push insights to productivity apps.

Worksheet Blocks

Out-of-the-box data models for fast and secure implementation.

Liveboard Blocks

Pre-built interactive Liveboards with use case specific KPIs and charts.

Function Blocks

User defined functions for your Cloud Data Warehouse.

Answers Blocks

Pre-built charts and metrics to instantly answer popular questions.

Monitor Blocks

Uncover root causes in a single click with SpotIQ Al-driven insights.

Launch directly from the Data Workspace

All of your analytics workflows accessible from one powerful in-app workspace.

Automatically map tables and columns

Go from zero-to-search in just a few clicks with automated mapping for columns and tables.

See the Snowflake Performance and
Consumption SpotApp template in action

Optimize Data Cloud performance with live insights into Snowflake
query performance, credit consumption, and usage trends.

Actionable insights delivered
to your most valuable workstreams

Tap into AI-Powered Analytics across your organization.

Getting started is easy