Digital Transformation ROI Requires You to Embrace Your Cloud Data Warehouse

Cloud adoption is unstoppable, but it hasn’t just gone mainstream - it’s gone multi-cloud. More than half (55%) of organizations are currently using multiple public clouds, with 21% saying they use three or more, according to a 2020 survey from IDG. Gartner estimates that by 2022, 75% of all databases will be deployed or migrated to a cloud data platform.

The promise of performance, scalability, and agility have been the underpinnings for organizations moving their data warehouses to the cloud to support virtually unlimited users and workloads. Though cloud is delivering on its promise with near-zero maintenance, and unlimited performance at scale, having one cloud data warehouse to rule them all isn’t the reality for most businesses. After all, data is the new oil, and no company wants to have one of their most precious commodities locked into a single vendor. 

And while data has always held the answers business users need, cloud data warehouses are not where they are looking for them. Despite the mass migration of data to the cloud, it’s still locked away in a digital drawer. The “cloudiness” of that data drawer does nothing to make it more accessible to the mainstream workers within an organization. The reality is that up to 73% of data continues to go unused for analytics. Today’s fast-changing circumstances require insights into all aspects of how the organization is performing and unparalleled instant access to sales, inventory, financial and other data to adjust strategies on the fly.  

Cloud data warehouses have provided the impetus to enterprise-wide digital transformation. The real payoff of that investment comes when you can finally cross the chasm of unlocking the data drawer and empower all frontline workers needing to make data-driven decisions. 

We know businesses need to bridge this gap between where the data lives and where business users make decisions. ThoughtSpot Embrace directly connects and live queries your cloud data warehouse, seamless connecting insights, and business people throughout your organization. With ThoughtSpot Embrace, you are free to keep your data where it suits you. Our multi-data warehouse cloud support ensures that you have the ultimate flexibility in where you store your data, whether that’s SnowflakeAmazon Redshift, Google BigQueryMicrosoft Azure Synapse,  or Teradata.

Using ThoughtSpot Embrace, our customers are accelerating their digital transformations, and increasing the value and return on their cloud data warehouse investment. 

“Moving to the cloud and putting the cloud to work are often two different things. That’s why the ease of integrating ThoughtSpot with our existing AWS based data lakes was so important. As our business and our data volumes continued to grow, we really needed a platform that would scale as we did, while also giving our business users faster and higher value-add insights to make informed decisions at the speed of business.” - Callie Cobbs, Sr. Lead Analyst, Chick-fil-A

The frictionless connection to their cloud data warehouses, coupled with the enterprise-grade access and security controls and intuitive google-like search, are unlocking value across their organizations. 

"ThoughtSpot Embrace gives me a quick deployment schedule and opens up a ton of use cases for us to explore." - BI and Analytics Director, Cisco

With ThoughtSpot Embrace our customers no longer have to move data for analysis, giving them the ultimate control and portability of their data, without impacting their analytics and AI-driven search experience. With just a few clicks, they are connecting ThoughtSpot in seconds directly to their data warehouse and leveraging search & AI to uncover insights. And because ThoughtSpot Embrace live query provides the most up-to-date answers, no data-caching required, they are enjoying the freedom of being able to analyze billions of rows of data in real-time without writing a single line of code.

“Before ThoughtSpot, we didn’t have a simple way to leverage the data in our central cloud data repository. Now our finance team can easily get granular, actionable insights on underlying sales growth, turnover, and more with the scale and speed we need.” - Vivek Malhotra, Sr. Manager Customer Development Analytics, Unilever

Enterprise-wide digital transformation projects are no longer taking place over several years. The rapid adoption of cloud data warehouses is shortening that time frame to months, and ThoughtSpot customers are translating that digital transformation into data-driven innovation in hours. 

"What used to take a data professional 15 to 20 minutes can be done in seconds with ThoughtSpot running on Google Cloud." - Greg Capodagli, Senior Marketing Manager Mattel/Fisher Price

Investing in a cloud data warehouse is the first step. Transforming those investments into value for the business is the next hurdle for today’s innovative enterprises, and it happens when you connect your decision-makers directly to that data to instantly unearth insights. 

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