Embrace ThoughtSpot


Get instant insights from your data warehouse via live query

Leave your data where it resides and get timely granular insights

Speed to Insights

Transform raw data to insights at the speed of thought — no modeling or data movement required

Unmatched Performance

Get blazing fast answers to your searches that run directly in your cloud data warehouse

All Your Data

Connect to the most popular on-premise and cloud data warehouses in just a few clicks

Connect to all your enterprise
data in a few clicks

Turn your data into answers using the power of search & AI

Native Connectors

Choose from the most common high performance data warehouses

Granular Selection

Preview and select tables and columns you want to analyze

Full-value Index

Raw data values fully indexed so you can search to the lowest level of granularity

Query Engine

Powerful query engine handles complex queries at scale

Smart Ranking

Learns from usage to provide most relevant search suggestions and answers


Let ThoughtSpot automatically detect and inherit relationships

“Moving to the cloud and putting the cloud to work are often two different things. That’s why the ease of integrating ThoughtSpot with our existing AWS based data lakes was so important.”


Callie Cobbs

Senior Lead Analyst

Embrace all your enterprise data

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ThoughtSpot Embrace for
Amazon Redshift

Get blazing fast insights from Amazon Redshift using the power of Search & AI, while leaving your data where it resides

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Embrace Datasheet

Learn how ThoughtSpot Embrace lets you easily connect to your data warehouse and find instant answers via live query

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Unleash Fast Insights with the Power of Search & AI

Learn how ThoughtSpot Embrace offers a new way to run search and AI-driven analytics with live query on Snowflake

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