Next-Generation Analytics Architecture

Purpose-built from the ground up for search, automated insights, ease of use, scale, and enterprise governance.

Product Architecture

A full-stack product architecture powering the world’s most advanced, yet easy-to-use, number crunching machine.

Data Connectors & API

AI Engine

Relational Search

BI & Visualization Server

In-Memory Calculation Engine

Distributed Cluster Manager

Enterprise Security & Governance

SpotIQ AI Engine

Get trusted, automated insights from billions of data points in a single click.

Automated Insights

Use built-in artificial intelligence to run dozens of advanced analytics algorithms on billions of data points and automatically spot actionable insights that are important to you.

Insights You Can Trust

Know how insights were generated. Humans remain in the loop and guide machine logic to ensure relevant, trusted and accurate machine-discovered insights.

Speed at Scale

Execute hundreds of queries and advanced analytics algorithms on billions of data combinations across multiple sources to uncover interesting insights in seconds.


Sophisticated Algorithms

Natural Language Narratives

Feedback Loop

Push-Based Insights

BI & Visualization Server

Automatically generates queries and best-fit charts.

Query Complexity Simplified

Intelligent query generation that allows anyone to search across complex schemas using natural language with 100% accurate results.

Automatic Visualizations

Take the guesswork out of building charts and give every business user the ability to craft their own interactive visualizations.

Reusable Logical Data Models

Create shared metadata models complete with business logic on combined datasets to ensure consistent answers.


Smart Query Generation

On-the-Fly Calculations

Best-Fit Visualizations

Data Worksheets

In-Memory Calculation Engine

Crunching billions of rows of data in milliseconds.

Speed at Scale

Search on billions of rows of data across multiple sources and get answers in an instant.

No Performance Tuning

No cubes, aggregations, summary tables or data marts required to optimize for performance. Source data fidelity is maintained for flexible analysis at any level.

Analyze All Your Data Together

Converge data from all your enterprise sources, no matter how diverse or large, into a single, dedicated analytics cache for fast query performance across sources.

In-Memory Calculation Engine FEATURES

Massively Parallel Processing

Query Performance Optimizer

Data Sharding & Replication

Distributed Cluster Manager

Monitor, manage, and scale-out with ease.

Easily Grow Data and Users as You Go

ThoughtSpot grows as your usage grows, so you can scale out to any data size without compromising user experience.

Reliable, Always on Access

Rest easy knowing that the system is always ready-to-go. You’ll never lose your data.

Proactive Monitoring and Support

Set up and go. The system continuously monitors the health of the cluster and intelligently repairs itself when needed, reducing administration overhead.


Web-Scale Architecture

Built-in Fault Tolerance

System Utilization & Performance Monitoring

Enterprise Security & Governance

Enterprise-grade controls to ensure secure, trusted, and governed usage across the organization.

Secure Access at Scale

Fine-grained permissions for millions of users and hundreds of thousands of security groups ensure only authorized users have access to the right set of data.

Single Version of the Truth

Consistent management of data via a centralized governance framework across a shared data model.

Trusted Answers

Accurate answers, full transparency, and traceability to the source data ensures consistent and trusted insights.

Enterprise Security & Governance Features

LDAP & SAML Integration

Fine-Grained Access Control

Object, Row & Column-Level Security

Data Lineage & Auditability

Data Connectors & APIs

Easily bring data from any source into ThoughtSpot.

Connect Any Data at Scale

Access data on-premise or in the cloud, from data repositories to enterprise applications or flat files, regardless of source.

Supports Industry Connectivity Standards

Connect to any data source or leverage your existing ETL solution via industry standard ODBC/JDBC interfaces.

Easily Build Your Own Data Product

Create a tailored analytics experience powered by Thoughtspot’s Relational Search Engine using an extensive library of REST-based APIs.


Native or JDBC/ODBC Compliant Data Connectors

Fast Parallel Loader

REST-based API

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