BI Reporting Made Easy

Every company wants better BI reporting. But what does that look like in action? Which features really affect the ease of use, accessibility and speed of business intelligence?

Keep reading to learn more about BI reporting made easy from ThoughtSpot.

Advantage #1: Ability to Perform Ad Hoc Queries
Getting the answer to a question is rarely the end of the journey. Rather, each answer tends to spawn more questions. Organizations need a way to allow users to keep asking questions of company data. If employees and partners only have access to static reports after the fact, they’re not able to follow these crucial lines of questioning. Enter: ad hoc BI.

Using an ad hoc query tool like ThoughtSpot’s search-driven analytics allows users to ask questions and get answers on the spot. Querying vast amounts of structured data is as simple as using an online search engine. This allows users to interact with data dynamically as needed rather than waiting for data specialists to deliver a report—a process that could take weeks.

Advantage #2: Automatic Data Visualizations
ThoughtSpot’s next generation analytics platform even takes care of creating best-fit charts based on these queries. This visualization tool helps business users interpret data quickly and accurately, without having to fiddle with tables.

This technology allows users to “create charts from millions of rows of data, instantly.”

Advantage #3: Embedded Data Analytics
Sharing BI reports is just as important as creating them. Now, users can access search-driven analytics, charts and business dashboards in the business applications they already know and trust. Embedding your analytics is a quick way to get everyone within your ecosystem on the same page.

Advantage #4: Scalable and Accessible to All
Easy BI depends on employee and team accessibility. Your software also needs to be able to scale up with your company—whether you have thousands of users or millions. Here’s how ThoughtSpot makes it happen:

  • No specialized training or data knowledge required for front-end users

  • Speedy insights, even with millions of users querying billions of records

  • Centralized governance, including granular user permissions to keep data safe

Explore BI reporting made easy today with a short video demonstration.

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