ThoughtSpot 5
Has Arrived

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ThoughtSpot 5
Has Arrived

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Introducing SearchIQ
Conversational Analytics for a Voice-driven World

Search & AI-driven analytics just got better. ThoughtSpot 5 ushers in a new era of voice and conversational analytics with SearchIQ. Easily converse with your data using casual, everyday language and get precise answers to your questions in an instant.


Ask in voice or natural language

Easy to teach your lexicon

Accurate, Transparent, Trusted

There is a lot more ThoughtSpot 5 has to offer.


SpotIQ Pervasive Insights

Uncover deeper answers to known and unknown questions with “Did you know?” insights on your Smart Home Page and Instant Insights on answers and pinboards.


Universal Search

Get a 360-degree view of suggested queries, saved answers and pinboards that are related to your question.


Embedded R in Answers

Streamline BI and advanced analytics workflows to bring data science closer to business outcomes.


Enhanced Visualizations

Experience new stacked bar charts, improved chart configuration capabilities, easy inclusion and exclusion filtering, and a more interactive table widget.


Materialized Views

Execute blazingly fast queries on search results persisted as physical tables in-memory.


Flexible Worksheet Joins

Pick different join types for each relationship within a single worksheet metadata model to enable more complex data questions.


Flexible Aggregations

Easily compare data at different levels of aggregation using just a single search.

Expanded Cloud Deployment Options

ThoughtSpot is now certified on Google Cloud Platform, bringing multi-cloud analytics across private and public cloud environments to the enterprise.

Enhanced Embedded Analytics APIs

Inline search from external applications, and operationalize results by executing an action in 3rd party applications based on an insight.

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