ServiceNow Analytics > IT Cost and Operational Management

Align your spend with
business initiatives

Analyze IT operations in the context of business needs with
ThoughtSpot for ServiceNow Analytics.

See how Snowflake uses ThoughtSpot for
ServiceNow for application management

Analyze all of your data
in one place

Connect to popular data clouds like Snowflake and Databricks for a 360-degree view of your IT efforts. Live query data from multiple sources
and explore trends across all of your productivity applications from a single, intuitive search interface.

Track operational spend with precision

Instantly surface granular insights on every IT dollar spent with natural language search. One-click drill down into any line item to track contribution by individual or team.

Improve project ROI

Flexibly explore your IT data without predefined drill paths and use SpotIQ’s personalized insight-detection algorithms to determine the best use of IT resources across multiple business initiatives.

Keep your stakeholders 
in the loop

Use pre-built pinboards to create a shareable, 360-degree view of your most important IT metrics or build your own in just a few clicks. No more data exports or rebuilding visualizations in PowerPoint before check-in meetings.

See your IT data in action