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Deliver IT projects on
time and on budget

Track the progress of your most important IT projects with
ThoughtSpot for ServiceNow Analytics.

See how Snowflake uses ThoughtSpot for
ServiceNow for application management

Create a birds-eye view of critical IT projects

Track the progress of your most important IT projects by adding key metrics like significant hardware events and significant network events to your homepage watchlist. Catalogue your insights and make them easily discoverable with Search Answers.

Get ahead of project blockers

One-click drill down into any anomaly without predefined drill paths to catch potential obstacles before they slow your business down. Receive alerts when metrics change so you can remove bottlenecks and report status updates.

Beat your performance baselines

Use pre-built pinboards to create a shareable, 360-degree view of major company initiatives or build your own in just a few clicks. Ask follow-up questions from anywhere using explore mode’s AI-driven suggestions to instantly get relevant, guided answers.

Streamline the path from application implementation to adoption

Uncover hidden insights with SpotIQ’s personalized insight-detection algorithms. Use these findings to optimize rollout plans and minimize service disruptions.

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