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Spot anomalies across
all of your endpoints

Make sense of millions of events and stay ahead of service
degradations with ThoughtSpot for ServiceNow Analytics.

See how Snowflake uses ThoughtSpot
for ServiceNow to track and analyze
operational metrics

Explore all of your IT Ops
data in one place

Connect to popular data clouds like Snowflake and Databricks for a 360-degree view of your IT efforts. Live query data from multiple sources and explore trends across all of your productivity applications from a single, intuitive search interface.

Maintain visibility and control from anywhere

Instantly surface granular insights on event patterns with natural language search to understand what’s happening across all of your endpoints. One-click drill down into any anomaly for deeper insight into what’s 
driving trends.

Mitigate the impact of service disruptions

Use pre-built pinboards to create a shareable, 360-degree view of key metrics and application issues across teams and departments or build your own in just a few clicks.

Resolve problems in 
record time

Track significant events by category and responder. Uncover hidden insights with SpotIQ’s personalized insight-detection algorithms to understand which problems are most time intensive and how to optimize your resource allocation.

See your IT data in action