ThoughtSpot Reimagines Search & AI-Driven Analytics for Cloud Data with Launch of ThoughtSpot One

ThoughtSpot One delivers new analytical content exploration and sharing capabilities inspired by consumer applications like Google, Twitter, and Spotify to transform how organizations leverage data to make decisions and drive outcomes

SUNNYVALE, Calif. — December 9, 2020 — ThoughtSpot, the leader in search & AI-driven analytics, today announced ThoughtSpot One, a new product built for the cloud to dramatically change how business professionals consume, share, and act on data-driven insights with the same ease of use as the most popular consumer apps. 

ThoughtSpot One radically expands the platform’s search capabilities, built and delivered for ThoughtSpot Cloud, the only fully managed SaaS platform for search & AI-driven analytics.

Highlights include:

  • Search Answers: ThoughtSpot One goes beyond using search to create insights, and now empowers users to answer their questions by discovering existing analytical content created by others in their organization, thereby tapping into the collective intelligence across the organization.

  • Social-powered discovery: Search results are tailored to individual users leveraging new social graph capabilities, creating a knowledge-base of answers and a network effect for user-powered, data-driven insights. 

Bringing Search to Answers

ThoughtSpot One is built for organizations who have embraced the agility, speed, and scale of running analytics in the cloud, and require new means to deliver insights directly to business users throughout their organization. As these organizations create more and more insights from their cloud data over time, business users are unable to utilize all of this intelligence because it’s fractured across the organization. Often, an individual’s question has already been answered by someone else, but finding the right content at the right time has been impossible.

ThoughtSpot One solves this problem by completely reimagining the entire end to end search experience for data in the cloud, from onboarding, monitoring, and initial insight creation to AI-driven deep exploration, sharing, and taking action. With ThoughtSpot One, users can go beyond creating new insights with search, and explore all existing answers in their organization, including answers created by others. Powered by expanded natural language capabilities, ThoughtSpot One enables even the most casual user to ask a question without requiring precise keywords or terminology. ThoughtSpot One then leverages the new underlying social graph to customize and rank the results for the particular users, engagement patterns, and keyword relevance. In the same way users discover content on Google, Spotify, or Twitter, they can discover analytical content using ThoughtSpot One.

The network effect this creates is powerful. The more users who search on data, the more insights are created; the more insights are produced, the more others in the organization can search and engage with these insights. This engagement makes ThoughtSpot One more and more intelligent, enabling it to surface ever more relevant and impactful answers to casual data consumers. 

“Our customers continually tell us getting the right answer, to the right person at the right time, is the greatest challenge they face. As they move to the cloud to keep up with an accelerating pace of business, the shelf life of data has become shorter than ever. While cloud computing enables processing at massive speed and scale, business people need to access and collaborate on insights from across their organization, or their businesses will fall behind,” said Sudheesh Nair, CEO, ThoughtSpot. “We knew the tried-and-true approaches found in the world of enterprise technology would fail to help our customers solve this problem. That’s why the new search experience in ThoughtSpot One replicates those found consumer applications like Google that personalize and surface content for each individual user. It takes courage to change, especially in analytics, and I’m so thankful for all our customers for not only betting on us, but being bold enough to transform.”

“ThoughtSpot was founded to help companies break the barriers that kept insights out of the hands of the business users who needed them most. We launched our original search-driven experience so anyone could ask a question in simple language, and get the right answer in seconds, and infused AI to help them answer questions they didn’t even know to ask,” said Ajeet Singh, Co-founder & Executive Chairman, ThoughtSpot. “ThoughtSpot One takes this a huge step forward, making it possible for users to not only create their own insights but surface the most relevant content others have already created as soon as they login. In doing so, we’re helping our customers tap their collective intelligence to become truly data-driven. We’re only 2%, however, and remain committed to relentless innovation to create a more fact-driven world.”

Expanding the Impact of Analytics

ThoughtSpot One offers a completely reimagined experience for users, from the first time they log into ThoughtSpot to engage on a daily basis. New features include:

  • Search Answers: Users can search the entirety of existing content they have access to created by users throughout their organization in natural language, leveraging the knowledge across their business.

  • Personalized onboarding: New users, whether business consumers or analysts, have personalized onboarding that trains them directly in the platform, reducing the need for additional analytics education and helping them realize value more quickly than ever. 

  • New homepage and trending feed: A completely redesigned homepage, including a new trending feed, surfaces insights that matter to every user as soon as they log in, helping drive engagement and adoption. The feed helps every user discover insights based on answers, charts, and pinboards gaining virality with similar users as well as organization-level relevance algorithms, in the same way Twitter presents trending topics.

  • SpotIQ and automated business monitoring: Users can select specific KPIs to monitor, both to track what is changing and why. As KPIs change, users will not only get alerted, but receive an explanation as to what caused the trend to change. Users can both subscribe themselves and others to specific KPIs, and everything is optimized for a mobile experience. 

  • ThoughtSpot Modeling Language (TML) and SpotApp Templates: TML is a new modeling language, based on YAML, that allows analysts to easily define and manage their business data model. It enables modern metadata management workflows for the cloud - creation, versioning, sharing, and reuse of analytical models across environments. Using TML, data engineers, architects, and analysts can build application templates called SpotApps, easily connect to new data sets and applications, move these between data environments to accelerate development to production, and ultimately, deploy additional use cases more quickly.

ThoughtSpot One is now generally available for ThoughtSpot Cloud customers. For more information, visit

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