ThoughtSpot One

The new ThoughtSpot, built for the Cloud.

A new consumer experience for your enterprise cloud data


New personalized onboarding, recommendations, and search results


Discover and learn from data experts across your company


Easy for everyone and embeddable into anything

Got Questions?
Search Answers.

With Search Answers, users can search the entirety of existing content created by users across their organization in natural language.

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A new homepage experience, just for you

Get personalized updates and instant trends on your company data.

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Understand the facts
behind every answer.

Answer Explainer allows anyone to view lineage and data catalog details to learn how answers were created.

Your data gets social with collective intelligence

People Profiles let you uncover experts and their insights powered by a new social graph.

Follow key metrics, and
let AI explain what matters

SpotIQ Monitor uses AI to automatically monitor specific KPIs so you always know both what and why something is happening.

Make your personalized playlist of insights

Personalized Onboarding gives casual business users a personalized homepage, and interactive experiences to quickly learn to search and familiarize themselves with their company data.

Teach your teams how to search on company data

Search Assist’s automated, in-context coaching guides make it easy to learn how to use search to analyze your business data.

Automate data modeling for search

Get analysts up and running in minutes by automating data modeling and worksheet creation.

Data modeling for Search made easy

With ThoughtSpot Modeling Language (TML) and SpotApps, data teams can easily connect to new data sets and applications and move from idea to production fast and reduce use case dev time.

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ThoughtSpot One

Learn how ThoughtSpot One enables even the most casual user to search to create new insights and discover relevant answers created by others in their organization.

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