The Best Dashboard Software for BI & Data Analytics

Business intelligence is only as useful as it is accessible and customizable. It’s like the philosophical quandary about a tree falling in a forest with nobody being around to hear it. If your company undertakes reporting and analytics but nobody can easily access and share the results, does it even make an impact? It certainly won’t do much to maximize your bottom line.

The best dashboard software puts in-depth analytics into the hands of, well, anyone who needs them. For example, if anyone can utilize the Relational Search Engine and create a dashboard from their findings in seconds, there’s no need to outsource BI tasks to dedicated teams of data scientists. Your company can save time, money and effort by streamlining these important data analytics functions. ThoughtSpot not only makes it easier to discover actionable insights from your data, but also to disseminate them through the ranks securely and efficiently.

With embeddable dashboard tools, business intelligence—including data visualization models for takeaways at a glance—takes center stage. Anyone with the proper credentials can access these data analytics and use them to make informed business decisions that ultimately drive revenue.

And we’re not talking about an exclusive handful of people; thousands or millions of end users can tailor ThoughtSpot to their exact needs. The best dashboard software is all about flexibility in the modern workplace, no matter what industry you work in.

Want to use search- and AI-driven analytics to create highly visible data dashboards? Find out what ThoughtSpot can do for your organization today!

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