Top 4 Ad Hoc Reporting Examples & Use Cases by Industry

In a world increasing its data-generation by the second, it’s no longer an option for companies to take a pass on data.

And they wouldn’t if they knew what ad-hoc reporting tools could do for their organization. Here are four ad hoc reporting examples and use cases by industry.

  1. Financial
    Part of what makes the financial industry enticing to work in also is its worst enemy; financial markets are always changing. Financial firms have a lot of data to leverage, but self-serve has been difficult to find. That’s changing with user-friendly ad-hoc search tools. Whether it’s an underwriter crafting an insurance policy, a trader analyzing a fund or a bank manager wondering how to better serve its customers, ad-hoc reporting delivers.

  2. Manufacturing
    Successful manufacturing firms thrive off good planning, but with so many moving pieces, unforeseen issues are bound to happen. Ad-hoc manufacturing reporting tools allow users to drill down to granularities affecting every stage of the sales forecasting, manufacturing and distribution cycle.

  3. Retail
    Branding is important in the retail space, but even well-known retailers become endangered when they don’t stay on top of their numbers. Retail is a game of margins, inventory efficiency and investments toward the future. These areas aren’t possible to forecast without employees across the business having access to ad-hoc reports with engaging visualizations.

  4. Government
    Government organizations of any level must prioritize top-level data security in any analytics tool they consider. But typically, this type of protection compromises usability. And as any organization leader knows, poor usability makes adoption difficult, which results in lost productivity, communication gaps, and ultimately, a lost investment.

Ad-hoc reporting tools like ThoughtSpot provide a rich but straightforward user experience without sacrificing strict security. Learn more about ThoughtSpot for Federal Government via our whitepaper.

Of course, ad hoc reporting tools like ThoughtSpot are beneficial to any industry and company that collects and processes data.

Turn your raw data into actionable insights for your entire company (and all your customers and partners) with search-driven analytics.

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