Resilient Organizations Need Modern Analytics. Azure Synapse and ThoughtSpot Deliver

Today is an exciting day for everyone in the Microsoft ecosystem. The general availability of Azure Synapse Analytics and the launch of Azure Purview, announced earlier today, marks another milestone in the tectonic shift in data, from legacy on-premises environments to the cloud. It’s a journey we’ve been excited to be on, bringing organizations the benefits of Azure Synapse and ThoughtSpot.

It’s also a sobering reminder of how different our world is today than when the preview of Azure Synapse Analytics was announced back in May of 2019. Since then, the pandemic has inexorably changed every facet of business. Healthcare organizations have had to grapple with unprecedented need, while revenues plummeted. Retailers have had to rethink their ecommerce strategies as stores closed. Manufacturers and suppliers have had to learn to adjust, on the fly, as the situation continues to shift.

Organizations across the board have shown incredible determination and innovation as they navigate these times. The most resilient companies all have one thing in common: leveraging data and AI.

Never before has the need to tap into the power of analytics been more important. While the shift to a modern data stack, powered by the cloud, infused with AI, and made accessible through search, has been happening for years, the pandemic has dramatically accelerated this change. Adoption of the cloud has skyrocketed, with cloud data warehouses truly going mainstream for many organizations, who are looking for the speed and scale these platforms bring to companies’ data. 

Getting the real value from these cloud platforms however, requires a shift in analytics. Organizations can no longer rely on traditional reports or dashboards to drive their business. They need flexible, agile, and granular insights to stay ahead of the continued disruption that defines our world today. 

ThoughtSpot and Azure Synapse are a perfect pairing for organizations looking to unleash the value of their cloud data. We launched Embrace for Azure Synapse last year, giving organizations the ability to search their data directly in Azure Synapse without having to move their data. We joined the Azure Marketplace to make it simple to see the power of search and AI-driven analytics for Azure Synapse. With the launch of ThoughtSpot Cloud, customers can now take advantage of ThoughtSpot and Azure Synapse through a fully managed SaaS offering. This makes it easier than ever to leverage both ThoughtSpot and Azure Synapse, and launch new use cases. 

With Azure Purview, users can utilize a comprehensive data governance service to have a complete understanding of their data. By discovering data across their business, tracking lineage, creating a business glossary, and then exposing this data directly to business people through search and AI-driven analytics, organizations can leverage their cloud data to drive resiliency in new ways. 

As we continue to navigate the current pandemic and emerge on the other side, it’s critical businesses are getting the most value from their cloud data. To learn more, join us at Beyond 2020 to see the future of analytics unveiled.