Azure& ThoughtSpot
Azure & ThoughtSpot

Transform data to insights at global scale

Deploy Search & AI-driven Analytics in Azure Cloud

Unlock rich insights on a future-ready global cloud platform

Scale your analytics on an enterprise-grade cloud platform

ThoughtSpot’s search & AI-driven analytics platform is certified to run on Azure’s global cloud infrastructure. Easily scale where you choose as your data volumes grow.

Get granular insights from Azure data with Search & AI

Connect directly with Embrace for Synapse or bring data from Azure’s database services such as Azure SQL Database into ThoughtSpot’s high performance in-memory calculation engine.

Optimize your compute options based on your workloads

Choose from the latest generation of general purpose Dv3 or memory-optimized Ev3 compute instances to match your workload processing needs.

Live query Azure Synapse for granular insights at global scale

Leave your data where it resides and take full advantage of Azure Synapse’s compute power with ThoughtSpot Embrace.

Connect to Azure Synapse


Give everyone timely insights on Azure

ThoughtSpot’s Search & AI-driven analytics takes full advantage of the elastic compute capabilities of the Azure cloud platform and powerful analytic performance of Azure Synapse.


Easily deliver curated data models, and advanced analytic content to all your business stakeholders at 
a fraction of the time. No question is too complex to answer.

Business Teams

Let business users in any department use the power of search & AI on the Azure Cloud to quickly answer their own data questions without having to ask for help.

Data Engineers

Analyze the data where it resides by querying it live in Azure Synapse. You get the most up-to-date insights without having to move the data out of the platform.

IT Operations

Flexibly deploy and manage ThoughtSpot on a massive, global network. Easily scale your analytic workloads when you need them.

Build a winning data culture with ThoughtSpot + Azure

“Before ThoughtSpot, we didn’t have a simple way to leverage the data in our central cloud data repository. Now our finance team can easily get granular, actionable insights on underlying sales growth, turnover and more with the scale and speed we need.”

Vivek Malhotra

Senior Manager, Customer Development Analytics

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Launching a Winning Cloud Analytics Strategy

Learn how innovative organizations are incorporating cloud technologies into their analytics strategies to get a 360 degree view of their customers and products.

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Live Query Azure Synapse with ThoughtSpot Embrace

See how ThoughtSpot Embrace lets you run queries directly in your Synapse cloud data warehouse to give you the most up-to-date insights.

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