Cloud data, analytics, and innovation: Our top 10 blogs of 2020

To say 2020 was unlike any other year feels like an understatement. The harrowing impact of the pandemic on public health, the economy, and our personal lives was inescapable. 

But it was also a year of serious innovation. A year we transformed and inspired like no other. And a year where boldly stepped into the future of cloud analytics. Read on for a snapshot of our 13 most important company moments, industry trends, and customer conversations over the last year.

How Just Eat helps data-hungry business customers serve themselves

During the pandemic, delivery services skyrocketed as people swapped their nights out for nights in. Just Eat, one of the most successful food delivery apps in the UK, took this as an opportunity to help data-hungry restaurants better understand their customers. The results? A lot of very satisfied restaurant teams and patrons!

Read more from Spencer Tuttle on what it took to get there and the benefits it delivered.

Meet the Analyst of the Future - Yasmine Ndassa, Comcast Cable

2020 was a watershed year for analysts. Tasked to help their businesses navigate so much change and armed with new technology, the most successful analysts boldly upleveled their roles, responsibilities, and impact. One of these analysts? Yasmine Ndassa from Comcast Cable. 

Read more of Yasmine’s story in her own words, and learn how search & AI-driven analytics has helped transform her career.

Data in the Cloud is Different. Analytics Should Be, Too.

Prior to the pandemic, companies had been slowly marching to the cloud for years. In 2020, that process sped up from years to months. To truly capitalize on this shift to cloud, our Co-founder, Ajeet Singh called on businesses to take an equally new approach to analytics. 

Read more about his take on cloud analytics.

Ramping the Innovation Factory with ThoughtSpot Cloud: A Builder’s Perspective

Launching ThoughtSpot Cloud, the first cloud-based platform for search and AI analytics, was a huge milestone for the team. Today, we’re able to bring new capabilities to market faster than ever, helping our customers stay on the cutting edge of data. 

Read more about our cloud product journey and what this means for R&D from our Chief Development Officer, Sumeet Arora.

Technology, Culture, and Why MBAs Should Stop Learning to Code

As businesses become more and more technology-driven, future leaders will need to dig deep and learn to code to get ahead —or will they? Our Associate Product Marketing Manager, Maggie O’Neill shares why working in (and with) tech no longer requires a coding background. 

Read more about her internship at ThoughtSpot.

Driving end user adoption at Nationwide Building Society

What good are analytics if they aren’t being used? For years, companies have struggled to get data insights into the hands of more employees, beyond the usual circle of power users. Nationwide Building Society took a different approach, making data as easy-to-use as a consumer application and finally cracking the code on adoption. 

Read more from Nationwide BI Specialist, Elinor Penny on how others can make data an asset for everyone.

Data-Driven Digital Transformation Means Cloud Data and Analytics

Leaders, board members, and investors all want to see their companies digitally transform. But what does that really mean? In her guest post for Snowflake, Cindi Howson explains why that means bringing together cloud data and analytics. 

Read more from Cindi on what leaders need to prioritize to successfully transform. 

Understanding the Link Between Frontline Workforce Empowerment and Business Success

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that decisions happen very quickly on the frontlines and often have an outsized impact on your business. Our research with Harvard Business Review shows just how critical frontline workers are to their organizations, and what’s needed to maximize their performance. 

Read more from our CEO, Sudheesh Nair on how organizations can empower these new decision makers to thrive. 

Getting Hands On: ThoughtSpot Joins Snowflake’s Partner Connect Program

Throughout 2020, our partnership with Snowflake has been a highlight for us and our customers. By joining Snowflake’s partner connect program, we made it easier for anyone to harness the power of ThoughtSpot and Snowflake together. 

Read more about how you can get more value from your Snowflake data with ThoughtSpot. 

Gartner Peer Insights Customers' Choice Distinction: The Voice of the Customer Prevails

There’s nothing more fulfilling than seeing our customers win big with their data. Being named a Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice was so gratifying because it was evaluated based on real customers sharing their real experiences with ThoughtSpot. <br><br>Read more to learn how our customers are innovating and thriving with ThoughtSpot.