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Mountain View, Calif. — August 16, 2023 — ThoughtSpot, the AI-Powered Analytics company, today announced it was named to the Constellation ShortList™ for Augmented BI and Analytics in Q3 2023. The technology vendors and service providers included in this program deliver critical transformation initiative requirements for early adopters and fast-follower organizations. ThoughtSpot provides a comprehensive modern BI suite of solutions that empower everyone involved in analytics, from business user to data professional, with the tools they need to bring generative AI to business intelligence. With ThoughtSpot, data teams can leverage a code-first approach for ad hoc analysis, business users can explore using natural language, and product leaders can build interactive data experiences for their end customers. 

Every company, regardless of industry, maturity, or size, benefits when data fuels decisions and actions across the organization. As Gen AI upends traditional data workflows, today’s leading companies are empowering their data teams to deliver AI-powered analytics in a safe, secure, and governed manner that then business users can consume at scale and infuse data-driven decision making across every facet of the business. This modern data experience is turning modern data stack investments into real business impact. 

ThoughtSpot Sage is an AI-powered search experience that lets every user, regardless of technical skills, take advantage of foundational language models to get insights from their data through natural language search. Leveraging ThoughtSpot Sage, users can search their data in natural speech, receive AI generated insights accompanying their data results, and provide feedback to further advance the precision of the machine learning system. Users can also subscribe to AI monitoring and alerts for KPIs, which will provide recommendations to knowledge workers for where to drill down and questions to ask, making it easy to track anomalies and find applicable and actionable insights. The AI will also automatically generate synonyms for all data columns during the data modeling process, giving time back to data professionals. Whether you are a business user finding and consuming insights via ThoughtSpot Analytics, an analyst harnessing the power of AI to accelerate analytic workloads, or a product builder embedding this entire experience right into an app or product with ThoughtSpot Everywhere, ThoughtSpot Sage is redefining the relationship between humans and data through the power of generative AI. As ThoughtSpot continues to integrate Mode and its advanced data modeling capabilities, its generative AI integrations will accelerate data usage, skills and knowledge across the multi-modal spectrum of BI.  

“The demand for putting the power of AI to work is accelerating, and with advancements in generative AI, for the first time the BI industry is able to deliver on the long standing promise of self-service analytics. In today’s modern BI experience, every person in your organization is empowered with personalized, actionable data-driven insights. These insights are your secret sauce to making better business decisions, growing faster, and delivering customer experiences that keep people coming back for more,” said Sumeet Arora, Chief Development Officer, ThoughtSpot. “Today’s recognition on the Constellation Shortlist is a testament to ThoughtSpot’s longstanding and ongoing commitment to helping our customers build their business on data and deliver a modern data experience that unleashes innovation and delivers real business value.”

“Constellation’s 6000+ buyers have begun a rationalization and optimization process for their investments. CXO’s are consolidating capabilities and reducing the number of vendors they work with,” said R “Ray” Wang, chairman and founder at Constellation Research. “As they move to core platforms, they are also seeking the best of breed solutions that bring unique business capabilities to market for their business. This year’s shortlists take into account this shift and identify which solutions truly stand out.” 

Constellation Research evaluated more than 30 vendor solutions in the Augmented BI and Analytics market, which included the following key criteria for inclusion:

  • Smart data-prep capabilities, including data profiling, cleansing and formatting, data-join recommendations, data enrichment and publishing, and governance capabilities
  • Smart data discovery and analysis capabilities, including automated discovery, recommended tables and sources, and recommended visualizations
  • Intent-driven recommendations based on behavior patterns by user, group, role, permissions, item popularity and data source
  • Native or third-party natural language query and generation capabilities supporting data exploration and analysis, and textual explanations providing context and supporting improved human understanding
  • Integration of cutting-edge generative AI capabilities, used for code generation and/or enhanced data prep, NL query, analysis, and NL explanations
  • Smart predictive capabilities, including simple trending and more advanced automated forecasting and predictive modeling

Constellation Research advises leaders on leveraging disruptive technologies to achieve business model transformation and streamline business processes. Products and services named to the Constellation ShortList meet the threshold criteria for this category as determined through client inquiries, partner conversations, customer references, vendor selection projects, market share, and internal research. The portfolio is updated at least once per year as the analyst team deems necessary based on market conditions.

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ThoughtSpot is the AI-Powered Analytics company. Our mission is to create a more fact-driven world with the easiest to use analytics platform. ThoughtSpot delivers a complete platform for the modern data stack spanning the entire spectrum of business intelligence needs, from ad hoc novel analysis with a code-first approach, to code-free self-service exploration and AI-driven monitoring powered by natural language. With ThoughtSpot, every user, technical and non-technical, can limitlessly engage with live data in any popular cloud data platform the way they want to, making it easy to create and interact with granular, hyper-personalized, and actionable insights. Customers can take advantage of both ThoughtSpot’s web and mobile applications to improve decision-making for every employee, wherever and whenever decisions are made. With ThoughtSpot’s low-code developer-friendly platform, ThoughtSpot Everywhere, customers can also embed this modern data experience directly in their products and services, monetizing their data and engaging users to keep them coming back for more. Organizations like T-Mobile, BT, CVS, Snowflake, Daimler, Medtronic, Pepsico, Hulu, Royal Bank of Canada, Nasdaq, Huel, and Nationwide Building Society rely on ThoughtSpot to transform how their employees and customers take advantage of data. Try ThoughtSpot today and see for yourself.


Constellation Research does not endorse any solution or service named in its research. 

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