ThoughtSpot and dbt Labs announce partnership to help analytics engineers launch self-service analytics

With the new partnership, ThoughtSpot and dbt Labs commit to empowering every organization to scale the value of analytics engineering work by making it consumable for every business user

Mountain View, California – December 16, 2022 - ThoughtSpot, the Modern Analytics Cloud company, and dbt Labs, the pioneer in analytics engineering, today announced a formal partnership to bring self service analytics to the modern data stack. 

The new partnership builds on the two companies’ work in recent months to build robust integrations that deliver tangible business value to shared customers such as Huel, TotallyMoney, Loan Market Group, Chick-fil-a, Nasdaq, Roche and GoSharing. The recent product integrations include bringing dbt models into the ThoughtSpot data workspace and integrating ThoughtSpot with the dbt Semantic Layer

Delivering reliable, trustworthy analytics at scale

Businesses of every size in every industry are adopting the modern data stack to tap into the value of their data and deliver customized experiences for customers, optimize operations, and drive revenue for their organizations. They recognize the value of live, interactive data experiences to drive how they make decisions internally, and empower customers and partners to do the same right from within applications and products.

Recognizing this potential, however, has required an entire reimagination of the data transformation process. By bringing best practices from software development to the world of data, dbt helps data professionals to operate with more speed, collaboration, and security than ever before. 

The new partnership between dbt Labs and ThoughtSpot makes it possible to exponentially increase the value of analytics engineering work by making it accessible to every business person through the ease of search. 

With ThoughtSpot and dbt, customers no longer have to worry about inconsistency or lack of transparency when it comes to their data. Instead, data teams can take advantage of dbt capabilities such as modularity, version control, and testing to ensure they are delivering high fidelity, accurate, trustworthy data models to the broader organization. ThoughtSpot’s platform instantly detects table relationships and metrics defined in dbt, and immediately makes them available to search. Customers are able to reap the benefits of consistent, reliable Live Analytics for their entire business without having to build cumbersome data pipelines. 

 “With ThoughtSpot and dbt, we can quickly model and ship trusted data to generate business insights, saving us hours of productivity a week!” said Jay Kotecha, Senior Data Scientist at Huel.

 “ThoughtSpot Everywhere made it incredibly easy to turn our vision into reality. We adopted Snowflake to really help us build out our modern data stack as part of this solution, and we’ve recently adopted dbt as our core in-database modeling layer. ThoughtSpot’s direct integration with both Snowflake and dbt is a perfect fit,” said Tran Zha, Senior Software Engineer at Loan Market Group. 

“The impact of software best practices on the world of data can’t be overstated. What we’re seeing across the ecosystem is really a once in a generation opportunity, driven by this new approach. Organizations who want to capitalize on the opportunity of data can’t just take what worked for them in the last ten years and apply it to today’s world,” said Amit Prakash, CTO and Cofounder, ThoughtSpot. “They need the vision, the courage, and the tools to break free. That’s why I’m so excited to continue to deepen our relationship with dbt Labs, to help every company experience the benefits of the modern data stack.”

“In the world of data, it takes a village to truly transform how the market operates. Companies leading the charge here are reimagining every part of their data infrastructure, bringing modern tools and philosophies with them,” said Tristan Handy, CEO and Founder, dbt Labs. “With ThoughtSpot and dbt Cloud, joint customers have the ability to scale their analytics engineering work to the entire business, putting reliable, trustworthy insights at everyone’s fingertips.”

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