Introducing Live Analytics for your modern data stack

Today, the world is moving faster than ever before. In an age where a single insight can be the difference between hitting your number and hitting a wall, it’s never been more important to have a finger on the pulse of your business. This means understanding everything that’s happening, as it’s happening, so you can take smarter actions for your business in the moment. 

As you’ll hear at Beyond 2021, dashboards are dead. For more than 15 years, you’ve relied on these analytics relics for insights into your business and been left with more questions than answers. Tedious for analysts to build and even harder for business users to take action on, dashboards aren’t helping you build your business on data. They’re only complicating your data pipelines, creating multiple versions of the truth, and exacerbating tension between data, IT, and business teams. 

To take full advantage of the modern data stack and surrounding cloud ecosystem, you need a modern, cloud-based analytics platform that can: 

  1. Run searches on all of your cloud data at the most granular level.

  2. Create automated AI-driven insights at the speed of digital business.

  3. Deliver action-oriented insights at the point of impact for all workers at all levels.

The Modern Analytics Cloud delivers all this and more — and the key is Live Analytics. 

What is Live Analytics?

Live Analytics has two key components: 

First, as the name suggests, Live Analytics is a layer of technology that sits directly on top of your cloud data platform (e.g. Snowflake, Databricks, Google Big Query) empowering everyone in your organization to limitlessly engage with live data. Unlike traditional BI platforms that create dead zones between your data layer and your analytics layer, there are no desktop or server-level extracts, no convoluted ways of modeling data on your desktop, and no confusion about multiple versions of the same metric and data lineage. Everything is live and unified. 

Second, every dataset, chart, and insight is interactive. With Live Analytics, you can search for answers, ask follow-up questions, and drill all the way down to the row level to understand not only exactly what’s happening in your business, but why. And because each query runs live on your cloud data, you can be confident that your insights reflect what’s happening in your business right now, not a snapshot of what happened two days or two months ago.  

A modern approach to analytics, built for the cloud era

To help you bring more relevant and actionable insights to everyone in your business, we built ThoughtSpot from the ground up — starting with our dynamic cloud architecture powered by SearchIQ and SpotIQ. This architecture delivers a highly-interactive, consumer-grade user experience for all your data at cloud-scale.

SearchIQ is our powerful and intuitive analytics search engine. It makes live search possible for some of the biggest, most complex enterprises in the world with little-to-no technical training required. 



SpotIQ is our AI-driven insights engine. It automatically uncovers and alerts you to emerging trends and insights hidden within the massive volumes of data, even if you don’t know the right questions to ask.


Together, these engines power all of our live services, including Liveboards, live search, live charts, live monitoring, and live actions.

Putting Live Analytics in the hands of every business user

No matter your role or department —  be it Marketing, Sales, IT or Product —  ThoughtSpot’s live services offer an intuitive and engaging analytics experience, radically different from the one you know today. Say for example, you’re a manager getting ready to share a readout of your team’s performance for the quarter. Instead of downloading your data to an excel sheet and spending hours formatting a static chart that relays just one piece of your information, you can use Liveboards.


Arguably the most powerful tool in any business user’s analytics arsenal, Liveboards are an interactive portal to all of your live data. With Liveboards, you can understand what is happening in your business (in this case how your team is performing) and why, drilling down deeper and deeper until you find just the right insight. And because your Liveboard is a living view, you can continue to curate insights, manipulate charts, add notes, and one-click share it to anyone in your organization for visibility. Soon, you’ll also be able to use SpotIQ Monitor with Liveboards to proactively detect and alert you to changing trends and anomalies right in your favorite business apps like Slack and Gmail. It’s data storytelling taken to a whole new level. 

Keep a finger on the pulse of your business with the Modern Analytics Cloud

Whether you’re using the ThoughtSpot app or embedding analytics services with ThoughtSpot Everywhere, you can be sure you’re delivering live, personalized, and actionable insights to all through the Modern Analytics Cloud. Get started for free today.