ThoughtSpot acquires Mode: Empowering data teams to bring Generative AI to BI

At ThoughtSpot, we know how important it is for businesses of every size and industry to empower every knowledge worker with personalized, actionable data-driven insights. These insights are your secret sauce to making better business decisions, growing faster, and delivering customer experiences that keep people coming back for more. 

But how do you scale self-service analytics to business users without completely overwhelming your data teams? And how do you ensure your business teams aren’t spending time endlessly tweaking reports and dashboards and focusing on the real work that’s going to help you dominate the decade of data

If you’ve ever grappled with this question, you know there’s no easy solution. Until now.

Today I’m excited to announce our $200M acquisition of Mode, the modern Business Intelligence (BI) platform, to help your data teams confidently and quickly bring generative AI capabilities to business users throughout your organization without ever breaking a sweat.

ThoughtSpot and Mode deliver a different kind of business intelligence experience for data teams and business users

Together, ThoughtSpot and Mode deliver business intelligence as you’ve never experienced before. Our joint platform serves both business users and the data team in a unified and connected fashion. It spans the entire data lifecycle, from early and ad-hoc code-first exploration of data to governed self-service analytics for insights-driven decision-making across the business.

What does that look like from a product perspective? For starters, let me say that continued innovation for our customers is a top priority. Giving your data teams both the flexibility and power of code to deliver impactful, high-value analytics to your organization is a critical part of bringing generative AI to your business. We remain committed to building upon all of the cutting-edge capabilities Mode has already delivered while providing you with transformative new features and capabilities across the entire data lifecycle.

This lifecycle starts with a code-first approach for your data teams to work with datasets and ends in a natural language search interface for business users to create insights and drill anywhere into Liveboards. Even more exciting is that the work your data team puts into exploring automatically becomes a foundation for the semantic models that deliver governed AI-Powered Analytics to the rest of the organization. Some of the specific features we are most excited about here include:

  • An expanded data workspace. The integration of Mode will greatly accelerate and expand ThoughtSpot’s data workspace with its world-class SQL IDE and connected Python and R notebooks for advanced analysis.

  • Advanced data visualization. With Mode’s visual explorer, analysts and data professionals can explore more dimensions of their data visually to build queries, giving these teams an easy way to go from code to visualization seamlessly as they iterate.

  • Enhanced collaboration. ThoughtSpot's natural language search and Mode's code-first experience will make it easier for business users and data analysts to collaborate and share insights, driving efficiency and improved decision intelligence.

  • AI-powered exploration for data teams. With Mode, ThoughtSpot will speed up the development of charting and Liveboard AI assistants, enabling users to effortlessly configure and edit charts using natural language, while also providing richer visualization, reporting, and charting options to meet and exceed the capabilities of leading dashboarding tools Tableau and PowerBI.

  • Superior pivot table and spreadsheet chart types. By integrating Mode, ThoughtSpot will be able to deliver more spreadsheet and pivot table functionality, giving users the same experience they get with other cloud spreadsheet BI vendors while also giving them access to the broader ThoughtSpot platform.

  • Robust, reusable data models. The datasets finished in Mode will be automatically made available for natural language search in ThoughtSpot so that any kind of business user, from executives to frontline decision makers, can ask data questions, get answers, and take action without writing a single line of code. 

It’s the end of infinite dashboard creation and the start of truly transforming your company's data culture, all while making a significant impact on the bottom line. 

Save time, drive outcomes however and wherever you work

Already trusted by top companies like Doordash, Shopify, Lyft, and Conde Nast, Mode’s code-first approach and extensive visualization library combined with ThoughtSpot’s intuitive, AI-powered search capabilities give data teams and business users alike a best-in-class analytics experience that drives real business outcomes.

Whether you want to roll up your sleeves and dig into integrated Notebooks for Python and R for advanced analytics or create an interactive Liveboard to present at your next QBR, ThoughtSpot and Mode make data analyses easily understandable for everyone. Data teams and business users can go further, collaborating easily and in context, meaning the conversation—and insights—never hit a roadblock. 

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. This modern data experience extends beyond a business intelligence tool, integrating data-driven insights into the processes and tools your teams already use. Imagine embedding this intuitive analytics experience seamlessly into your workflows or interacting with insights directly in productivity apps like Slack, Google Sheets, Excel, and Microsoft Teams, or even building entirely new data apps that you can monetize? With ThoughtSpot Everywhere and ThoughtSpot Monitor for Mobile, this data dream is realized.

10X your insights with ThoughtSpot and Mode

Whether you’re looking for a code-free analytics experience for your business users or code-first tools for your data team, ThoughtSpot and Mode have you covered. Don’t let the era of generative AI-Powered Analytics pass you by. The time for rethinking business intelligence and maximizing value from your modern data stack investments is now. And we invite all those interested in seizing this opportunity to join ThoughtSpot CEO, Sudheesh Nair and Mode CEO, Gaurav Rewari on July 13th at 9:00 a.m. PT to see firsthand how we’re redefining the BI experience in the age of generative AI. Register today to see what’s possible.