New Looker + ThoughtSpot Connector: Where semantic modeling meets natural language search

Semantic layers are a game changer, allowing organizations to define metrics and business logic in one, centralized location. Because business users can trust that their data is built on a single source of truth, the semantic layer also empowers self-service analytics.

Looker Modeler has become a leader among semantic layers, allowing users to seamlessly layer on top of their business data. With our new ThoughtSpot and Looker integration, you can directly query Looker’s semantic layer on ThoughtSpot. By bringing governed data directly to end business users in a familiar and search-friendly BI solution like ThoughtSpot, you can democratize access to safe, reliable, self-service insights across your organization.

Combining Looker and ThoughtSpot to simplify BI workflows

ThoughtSpot's integration with Looker layers company metrics and data models onto your ThoughSpot instance, positively impacting your business in three major areas: 

  1. Standardization: Reduce data replication and movement while increasing standardization across your organization. 

  2. Speed to insight: Empower analysts with more flexibility and speed when data modeling, delivering searchable data into the hands of business users quicker than ever before. 

  3. Self service: Ensure there is a single, trusted definition of your data models across the business. This empowers business users to do their own analysis without having to worry about accuracy or consistency across the organization.

How to connect ThoughtSpot to Looker 

With ThoughtSpot's Looker integration, it’s easy to get started. Navigate to the data workspace in ThoughtSpot, authenticate using OAuth, and connect to data from existing Looker Explores. This action automatically generates ThoughtSpot tables which allows you to search your real-time data.

How to get your Looker models search ready

Once you’ve connected your ThoughtSpot and Looker instances, you can start asking questions of your data right away. Or, you can further optimize your search experience by creating worksheets. 

ThoughtSpot Worksheets are designed to tailor the search experience by providing additional guardrails for safe, reliable search. By editing column names, crafting descriptions, and adding synonyms, your Looker models become more accessible and intuitive, paving the way for seamless, AI-powered search.

Top business use cases for ThoughtSpot + Looker Modeler

1. Streamline data aggregations

ThoughtSpot’s Looker Modeler integration addresses the challenge of comparing advanced calculations across BI tools—those that often require multiple joins like profit or Annual Recurring Revenue. With this integration you only need to build Looker Explores once. Then, you can repeatedly search that data on ThoughtSpot, eliminating the need for manual adjustments or repeated SQL rewrites.

2. Empower business users

The Looker Modeler integration ensures consistent definitions are used across your organization. By defining easily confused key metrics—such as OTIF (On Time in Full)  or OTD (On time Delivery)—you enable users to conduct their own analysis without worrying about inconsistencies. This eliminates confusion and frustration that often arises when different tools have varying definitions and calculation methods.

3. Simplify data governance

ThoughtSpot simplifies data governance by allowing you to standardize user permissions across various business intelligence solutions in one place. This eliminates the complexity and inefficiency of managing permissions individually for each product, ensuring users have access to the right data.

Current ThoughtSpot customers can request access to the beta Looker connector integration with your account teams. If you’re just getting started, you can try ThoughtSpot on your own data with our 14-day free trial.

This is just one of the many ways ThoughtSpot is partnering with the Google Cloud Ecosystem to empower AI-Powered Analytics. Learn more about our partnership, and stay tuned in for new, exciting ThoughtSpot integrations + Google integrations.