Leverage Google Gemini on ThoughtSpot AI-Powered Analytics

Over the past couple of years, ThoughtSpot and Google have collaborated on a series of seamless user experiences—enabling deployments on Google Cloud Platform, creating the ability to live query entire Google BigQuery analytics catalogs, and integrating key Looker Modeling functionality just to name a few. This type of co-innovation helps mutual customers get the most value out of their data. 

Today, we are proud to say we are continuing that legacy of co-innovation by leveraging Gemini across several features in the ThoughtSpot platform. While natural language search and other AI functionality aren’t new to ThoughtSpot, generative AI solutions like Google Gemini are sparking a Data Renaissance

As a GenAI partner with Google, ThoughtSpot is making enterprise-grade, AI-Powered Analytics a reality and revolutionizing the way users interact with their data. Here’s what that means for your business:

Change analysis leveraging Gemini

Many organizations struggle to extract value and insights from their data. Whether those barriers are created by data literacy or technical challenges like the inability to access granular details, this deficit often leaves your teams making costly decisions without critical insights. In fact, HBR reported 87% of survey respondents say their organization will be more successful when frontline workers are empowered with data.

We're working to reduce these barriers. Powered by our AI-driven insights engine, SpotIQ, ThoughtSpot’s change analysis feature quickly highlights which dimensions drive changes to critical business KPIs. All of this is done within seconds—not minutes, hours, or even days.

Leveraging Gemini, ThoughtSpot is taking this one step further, decreasing the time from insight to action. Gemini runs on top of ThoughtSpot, seamlessly converting these insights into a natural language narrative. Armed with transparent, trustworthy, and relevant insights, your business users are empowered to make real-time business decisions.

"ThoughtSpot's partnership with Gemini models not only accelerates data-driven decisions but fosters innovation and speed in bringing new ideas to market.”

Josh Horton, Data Strategy and Analytics Director, Cox 2M

How it works

While viewing your KPI in ThoughtSpot, simply tap on the change explanation or make comparisons to instantly access automated insights. From this window, you can explore every attribute with auto-generated charts and natural language descriptions.


The most commonly used attributes are organized in the left-hand column, allowing you to explore how each attribute impacts changes in your selected KPI. At the top of each attribute explanation, you’ll find the Gemini-generated natural language insight narrative that summarizes the data analyzed by SpotIQ. If you’re not seeing an important attribute, you can personalize your SpotIQ change analysis attributes and save your preferences for future analysis. 

Are you a current ThoughtSpot customer interested in accessing the change analysis feature leveraging Gemini? Talk with your account manager about a beta preview today!

What’s next for Google Gemini x ThoughtSpot

We’re just getting started. Following the release of change analysis leveraging Gemini, we have several exciting co-innovation initiatives on the product roadmap. 

AI Highlights using Gemini

You can think of AI Highlights as the executive brief or the TLDR for your Liveboard, showing users what’s changed since they last checked in so they can quickly get up to date with their most important metrics. Gemini will support the natural language narratives in AI Highlights.

Product screenshot of ThoughtSpot AI Highlights leveraging Gemini

Gemini on ThoughtSpot Sage

We’ll also leverage Gemini on Sage, our AI-powered natural language search experience built with enterprise-grade security on the world’s most robust relational search engine. Through this integration, you’ll get all the speed and intelligence of Gemini GenAI backed by ThoughtSpot’s patented human-in-the-loop feedback system. Together, we’ll give customers the confidence to ask business questions in natural language and trust the accuracy and relevancy of their answers.

Product screenshot of ThoughtSpot natural language search leveraging Gemini

As a Google GenAI Partner, ThoughtSpot is committed to co-innovation. Together, we’re helping customers tap into new levels of productivity, capitalize on GenAI’s momentum, and unlock unprecedented value from Google Cloud investments. Learn more about the partnership between ThoughtSpot and Google, and stay tuned for new, exciting integrations. 

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