New Fivetran connector streamlines data workflows for real-time insights

In a survey by the Harvard Business Review, 87% of respondents stated their organizations would be more successful if frontline workers were empowered to make important decisions in the moment. And 86% of respondents stated that they needed better technology to enable those in-the-moment decisions. 

Those coveted insights live at the end of a process lovingly known as the data pipeline. The pathway from ETL to actionable analytics can often feel disconnected and cumbersome, leading to frustration for data teams and long wait times for business users. And even when we manage to streamline the data workflow, those insights aren’t always accessible to users unfamiliar with antiquated business intelligence tools. 

That’s why ThoughtSpot and Fivetran are joining forces to decrease the amount of time, steps, and effort required to go from raw data to AI-powered insights. Our new SpotApp integration allows users to launch a Fivetran connector and a corresponding ThoughtSpot analytics template in a single workflow. Keep reading to see how it works. 

What is a SpotApp?

SpotApps are designed to accelerate your analytics experience—making it easier to build data models, analyze real-time data, and find AI-powered insights. Built on ThoughtSpot Modeling Language (TML) Blocks, SpotApps are easy-to-implement, pre-built pieces of code that can be downloaded and shared across ThoughtSpot environments. Popular templates include Salesforce pipeline analytics, ServiceNow incident management, and Snowflake query performance. 

You can browse the full library of templates in the Data Workspace, or try them on your own data through ThoughtSpot’s 30-day free trial. 

To deploy a SpotApp, it is essential to have your data available in a cloud data platform. ThoughtSpot connects directly to Snowflake, Databricks, GoogleBigQuery, and other leading providers, allowing you to explore your data with real-time, natural language search.

When it comes to the process of extracting, loading, and transforming your data for analytics, Fivetran is a trusted leader in data movement. That’s why we’ve partnered with them to launch our Fivetran ELT templates custom built for ThoughtSpot SpotApps.

Get to know Fivetran

Fivetran is the automated data movement platform moving data out of, into and across your cloud data platforms. It has become the leader in the modern data stack for companies of all sizes to get access to the data they need to power their business.

They have automated the most time-consuming parts of the ELT process so data engineers can focus on higher impact projects with total pipeline peace of mind. The key to this automation is their fully managed connectors. Built and maintained by a team of expert engineers, their connectors let you move data from your most used SaaS, database, warehouse, or any source into your destination of choice—including newly introduced data lake support. And that’s all with 99.9% uptime and full data security compliance.

Webinar: Find out how to decrease time to insight with ThoughtSpot, Snowflake, and Fivetran.

How to launch Fivetran from ThoughtSpot

Opening a Fivetran connector in ThoughtSpot is easy. Once you’ve selected the SpotApp template you’d like to install, simply navigate to the Connector Blocks tab and select ‘Fivetran.’ From there, you’ll be taken through a guided authorization and setup workflow that creates a custom job to sync the required schema.

How to deploy a SpotApp template

Once your data has successfully been moved into your cloud data platform using the steps listed above, you’ll be able to configure the rest of the SpotApp components. 

From the ‘Analytics Block’ tab of the same SpotApp, select ‘Configure.’ From there, you’ll be guided through a process that creates a new connection to the data you just synced in your cloud data platform and automatically maps the tables and columns required for the template.  

Right away, you and your team members can start searching, exploring, and using generative AI to uncover real-time insights from your business data.

Launch ThoughtSpot and Fivetran on your data

This new connector streamlines your ETL process, helping you go from data to insights in a matter of minutes. Ready to start using ThoughtSpot and Fivetran together? 

Current ThoughtSpot customers can leverage the new Fivetran connector integration through your Data Workspace. Or if you’re just getting started, you can try ThoughtSpot on your own data with our 30-day free trial.