Transforming supply chain and logistics analytics at Avnet with ThoughtSpot and Azure Synapse


Supply chain and logistics operations can be a company's biggest source of financial risk or competitive advantage. The key is reconciling external supplier data like tariff and shipping information with internal data to deliver insights across teams and geographies.

For Avnet, a global technology solutions provider that delivers supply chain expertise for customers at every stage of the product lifecycle, unleashing personalized insights and driving millions in savings starts with the right analytics stack. By modernizing their data and supply chain analytics infrastructure with ThoughtSpot and Microsoft Azure Synapse, Avent was able to bring disparate external supplier data together with internal business data for a single source of truth and put it directly into the hands of business. The result? Improved freight recovery, recouped costs from tariffs, and optimized inventory management down to the SKU-level. Check out the highlights to learn about:

  • [01:34] Transforming disparate data sources into a unified data view

  • [15:42] True self-service analytics at enterprise scale 

  • [32:26] Data Management Operating Model

  • [42:03] How to modernize your data and and analytics stack for the cloud 


  • Aaron Teets, Senior Director, Enterprise Analytics at Avnet

  • Nathan Weaver, Director of Product Marketing at ThoughtSpot

  • Matthew Smith, Chief Data Officer at Microsoft

Enjoy the discussion! And if you’re interested in test driving modern cloud analytics to uncover the insights hidden within your own cloud data, you can start a free trial of ThoughtSpot today.