There’s Something for Everyone in ThoughtSpot 6.3

To say that 2020 was an unprecedented year would be an understatement. The pandemic has caused huge disruption for businesses across the world. To navigate these changes, they’ve relied on leveraging their most important asset: their data. 

At ThoughtSpot, we’ve been hard at work helping our customers get more value and insight from their data than ever before. From the launch of ThoughtSpot Cloud, the first fully managed SaaS platform for search and AI-driven analytics, to expanding Embrace to every major cloud data warehouse so customers can run ThoughtSpot directly in these warehouses, we’ve been guided by our customers need for new innovations to put their data to work for every employee, at massive scale, with deep, granular insights. 

The launch of ThoughtSpot Cloud and Embrace have also laid a very strong foundation for rapid innovation. Our customers rely on us to continue to push the envelope, disrupt the industry, and keep them ahead of the curve. 

With the launch of ThoughtSpot 6.3, we’re at it again. ThoughtSpot 6.3 brings us another step closer in building a more fact-driven world by empowering each and every member of the broader data and analytics community, right from business users, analysts, Data engineers to IT ops engineers, to be impact makers. 

Helping Business People Become More Data Fluent - on the Go

For our business people, we heard loud and clear your work has gone far beyond the traditional office. You’re making critical decisions on the go from more places than ever before. That’s why in ThoughtSpot 6.3,  we amped up our mobile offering to make becoming data fluent more convenient than ever. These capabilities include:

  • Deep linking. With deep linking in 6.3, users will now be able to open any insights shared with them via pinboards, answers, and visualizations directly on their mobile or iPad app, providing them seamless access from anywhere.

  • Tap to drill. Users can understand the business data and gain deeper insights on any type of chart or table by simply tapping on any data point, anytime and anywhere from any device.


Empowering Analysts to Build Compelling Data Stories

Data stories are a great way of communicating insights that inspires action. For analysts, we have made it easier for them to not only create compelling data stories, but do it at scale. In 6.3, analysts will have access to enhanced filtering capabilities, pivot table interactivity and the new ThoughtSpot Modeling Language (TML), to take data stories to the next level.

  • Linked pinboard filters. ThoughtSpot provides an easy way of integrating visualizations from a variety of data sources onto a single pinboard. This requires an easy way of managing the filters, as filtering is core to data exploration. In 6.3, we have added the ability to link conceptually similar columns across worksheets to create unified filters, thus providing an intuitive UX while working with multiple worksheets.

  • Selective filtering. While ThoughtSpot has had pinboard & visualization level filters, pinboard filters historically took precedence when applied together. With 6.3, users can apply pinboard filters to specific visualizations on the pinboard, thus giving them granular control over how filters interact with individual visualizations on a pinboard.

  • More powerful pivot tables. Pivot tables are one of the most used chart types, used by all kinds of users as one of the most effective data summarization tools. To get more value from pivot tables, 6.3 enables users to interact quickly with a contextual, in-table right click menu, allowing users to drill down, bring AI-driven insights on pivot tables with SpotIQ,  and fine-tune results with include and exclude filters.

  • TML enhancements. TML is a new modeling language, based on YAML, that allows analysts to easily define and manage their business data model. With the launch of TML, analysts can boost their productivity with the ability to now import and export views, tables, and apps like pinboards, answers, and related worksheets, through zip files or multiple TML files. Analysts can now move from idea to production quickly reuse, share and collaborate on models, and create SpotApps, which are fully scriptable app templates on ThoughtSpot. TML also offers an interactive edit experience, where users can open and edit TML files in the browser itself and make adjustments on the fly.

  • SpotIQ on Embrace. With SpotIQ, our AI-driven automated insights product, ThoughtSpot lets users automatically uncover personalized insights and deliver them in seconds. 6.3 let users unveil the AI magic on cloud data warehouses themselves, while leaving the data in place. SpotIQ is now available via live in-database query, with Embrace.

Connecting to Data Has Never Been Easier

After the launch and success of ThoughtSpot DataFlow, we’re continuing to help data engineers unleash the power of their company’s data with new features in 6.3, like new database connectors & support for Rest-APIs to bring search & AI-driven insights to disparate sources. 

These include 

  • New data connectors. 6.3 provides new sets of data connectors for Azure Data Lake Gen 2, Databricks Delta Lake, Denodo and Parquet files on our very own ThoughtSpot Dataflow.
  • REST API. In this release we are also adding the ability to load data from non-traditional data creating web-based applications through support for REST API. Below is an example of connecting to Splunk using the REST API connector.

Engineered for Success

ThoughtSpot 6.3 comes with plenty of new features for IT Ops engineers, the heroes who manage everything behind the scenes. 6.3 includes additional access & usage control while still providing the necessary freedom, and so much more. 

This includes:

  • Deployment health dashboards. To be able to effectively manage clusters, IT Ops engineers need a deeper visibility into deployments. 6.3 includes a health dashboard, providing a holistic view of the deployment, from a health check of clusters, to infrastructure and critical alerts. It also gives visibility into the usage of the application itself. 
  • Setup and maintenance made easy. 6.3 makes the  setup & maintenance of the application easier for IT Ops engineers by providing third party verified yum packages for deployment on RHEL or Amazon Linux 2.
  • Granular access control. IT Ops engineers will now be able to govern user access to TQL and actions across all tables in ThoughtSpot. With 6.3, they get access control for data uploads and for all operations on tables. In addition, we have added a new permission level “Read-Only” access where IT Ops engineers can regulate which users can create pinboards & which can only access them.

We’re so excited for you to get your hands on ThoughtSpot 6.3 to try out all these new features. To learn more, check out this webinar to see how you can take advantage of the best 6.3 has to offer!