Why a Full-Stack BI Architecture Matters

Business intelligence platforms, technology, software—whatever you want to call it, isn’t anything new. As more companies realize the importance of making their data actionable, traditional slow-moving business intelligence platforms simply aren’t equipped to handle the rigors and pace our digital age requires.

Since these BI platforms were built in an age where data was transactional and drawn from various unconnected systems they were time-consuming, inaccessible for most of the company, and worst of all—retroactive in delivering data insights.

Thankfully, new BI architecture have surfaced to meet digital demands. With all of the security and number-crunching of the best legacy systems combined with ease of use and instant insights, modern-day full-stack BI architecture is a game-changer for companies of all sizes and industries.

Learn what makes ThoughtSpot tick below and how it can transform the way your company interacts with data.

Pillars of a Full-Stack BI Architecture = Security, Governance and Scale

The core of any BI architecture — before the fancy bells and whistles come into play — needs to have foundational pillars to hold everything up.

After all, a business intelligence platform isn’t so valuable if it doesn’t provide a single version of the truth, can’t allow for secure access to a company’s different employee levels and can’t scale to meet with a company’s growing database.

ThoughtSpot does this and more through enterprise-grade security and data governance, as well as API data integration. And because the goal of any company is to grow, distributed cluster management allows companies to scale as their data grows without hindering the user experience.

ThoughtSpot monitors itself and repairs its health when needed, freeing admin bandwidth and providing peace of mind that no matter what, company data will be accessible.

Full-Stack Features That Cultivate Data-Driven Company Cultures

Keeping data secure and with different access levels depending on the user is essential, but it’s not what will drive a company’s progress.

What really sets ThoughtSpot apart is how each layer of the overall BI architecture offers new capabilities to deliver a cohesive interactive data experience. ThoughtSpot analyzes all your data at once and stores it for quick access. Once all your rows of data are in ThoughtSpot’s memory, users can search any question they might have and get instant answers through interactive charts that easily digest complex findings.

At the head of it all is SpotIQ, which uses artificial intelligence to run dozens of complex algorithms on billions of data points so it understands your data in and out. This means actionable insights, hidden trends, important correlations and more are spotted quickly where it would have taken 1000s of analysts to get close to replicating the same.

Let’s face it, as smart as we humans are, we just weren’t cut out to analyze the breadth of data the digital world produces. Thankfully, we have ThoughtSpot.

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