AI Data Intelligence for the Modern Workplace

Forward-thinking companies learn from past mistakes and figure out how to repeat successes. How? By making sense of the data they’ve compiled over time from different sources. Data doesn’t lie—but it also doesn’t volunteer information unless a company has the right tools to extract insights, trends, patterns and areas for improvement.

Using AI for data intelligence is changing how companies relate to their own data. What used to be in the hands of a few data specialists is now available across departments, levels and organizations. Using artificial intelligence, ThoughtSpot’s SpotIQ data analytics platform makes it simple for decision-makers across industries to get thousands of relevant insights with a single click.

With help from advanced AI machine-learning algorithms, suddenly retailers can instantly crunch customer analytics to find insights they may have otherwise missed. Manufacturing companies can find patterns in business intelligence relating to the entire supply chain, from product design to vendors. Hospitals and other healthcare organizations can improve patient outcomes by analyzing key performance indicators like average length of patient stays, readmission rates and lab result turnaround time to figure out where they’re succeeding and where they could do better.

Furthermore, the ability to make ad hoc queries on a Relational Search Engine is a game-changer when it comes to business analytics. Static reports are a thing of the past; now employees and partners can get instant answers from their data for faster decision-making and continue to ask new questions as they explore the data. Once they’ve pulled interesting insights, it’s easy to share reports and data visualization models (like charts and graphs) with others thanks to embeddable analytics.

Most companies nowadays have a need for speed. The shorter the time between submitting a query and receiving insights back, the more time employees have to focus on other tasks. In fast-paced industries like financial services, communications and retail, reports that traditionally took hours or days to create now take seconds.

Best of all, SpotIQ’s machine-learning algorithm, called DataRank, gets smarter the more human input it receives. Organizations can essentially teach ThoughtSpot to work how they want by offering feedback along the way.

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