Accern helps customers make better financial decisions with no-code AI and ThoughtSpot Everywhere


A firm believer that data is the future, Accern is on a mission to accelerate innovation for enterprises by democratizing AI. Their no-code AI environment enables data teams and analysts to quickly generate insights by tapping into unstructured data on how they’re contributing to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues, crypto, credit and sustainability risks.


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We believe data and AI are not here to replace humans, but to augment and support them to make better decisions.
Cristian FelixVP of ProductAccern


On average, the development of an AI model takes an IT team 12 to 18 months, meaning 80% of a data scientist’s time is spent finding, cleaning, and reorganizing the data. Accern’s no-code AI allows users to easily deploy and customize pre-trained financial services models that help extract insights from a vast amount of unstructured data (e.g. news articles or financial filings) more accurately and efficiently than before.

However, on their quest to empower customers with data, Accern found themselves limited in the customization they could offer customers. They did not have self-service access to data visualizations and were limited to the single dashboard provided to them.

“There was an undeniable need for customization,” stated Cristian. “We were providing customers with value on the analytics side, but needed something that would visualize insights better.”


Accern was in need of an analytics solution that would allow their customers to get accurate, personalized, and granular insights, on newly structured sentiment data inclusive of categories such as, ESG and Crypto. They chose ThoughtSpot Everywhere as the best solution for a seamless implementation with their existing data and technology stack, and for growing adoption of analytics within their product.

The team began the deployment by building a new data model in Snowflake that would be optimized for scalable and repeatable growth for their customers. ThoughtSpot Everywhere’s developer-friendly platform helped Accern’s team embed in hours what would normally take other solutions several days. ThoughtSpot Modeling Language (TML) allowed for scriptable deployments and the re-use of Liveboard worksheets, giving Accern the ability to deliver a personalized customer experiences at scale.

Data makes decisions easier and more accurate. It gives you the power to choose smarter.
Cristian FelixVP of ProductAccern

Combining Accern’s no-code AI with ThoughtSpot Everywhere’s embedded Live Analytics, Accern is now delivering true self-service analytics for non-technical finance and banking professionals, giving them the power to create personalized, actionable insights at the point of impact like never before. Without the need for extensive training, Accern customers now have the ability to dive right into their data, drill down to the most granular level, and limitlessly explore new insights to satisfy their curiosity.


This year, Accern has set its sights on improving customer experience. The team plans to monetize this personalized, self-serve experience with a premium subscription, measuring the impact by the number of customers that adopt ThoughSpot Everywhere. Currently, they are projecting a 20x increase in user adoption by the end of 2022.

“ThoughtSpot is and will continue to be a key factor that will help us showcase results,” says Cristian. “As we continue to improve Accern’s data customization, it naturally improves the quality of our data output and the visualizations customers have access to.”