ThoughtSpot Launches Support for Snowpark to Bring the Modern Analytics Cloud to AI Workloads

Developers and data professionals can use their preferred programming language to create models, uncover insights, and build data apps with Snowflake and ThoughtSpot

SUNNYVALE, Calif. — June 9, 2021 — ThoughtSpot, the Modern Analytics Cloud company, announced support for Snowpark, the new developer experience for Snowflake, the Data Cloud Company. With Snowpark, data engineers, data scientists, and developers can use their preferred language to take advantage of Snowflake’s powerful platform, and use ThoughtSpot to make these predictions, models, and data accessible to every business user through the ease of search and AI.

Changing consumer dynamics and rapid technology innovation have set a new standard for how companies leverage their data if they want to compete. Data and analytics stacks built on legacy technology fail to deliver. They require users to learn multiple complex environments, create data and process siloes, introduce data latency issues, and are only accessible through static, inflexible dashboards. This limits the impact of analytics, while preventing business users from leveraging the outputs of investments in AI, machine learning, and data science. Instead, businesses need a simple interface to put these cutting-edge data capabilities in the hands of every employee, including developers, data professionals, and business people, quickly and at scale. 

ThoughtSpot for Snowpark helps make this a reality by mobilizing the world’s data and making it easy to unlock powerful data insights for every person. Snowpark gives users the ability to write and deploy code in the language of their choice, without having to leave the Snowflake environment, improving efficiency and reducing maintenance. With ThoughtSpot, these same users can expose powerful insights directly to business users through search, or build robust data applications leveraging the combination of ThoughtSpot and Snowflake, without ever having to leave their Snowflake environment. 

ThoughtSpot for Snowpark enables customers to:

  • Accelerate moving AI and ML use cases into production: With support for other languages and ML runtimes, data and business leaders can put the power of AI and ML in the hands of business users and decision makers, driving better decisions and ROI from AI investments.

  • Create efficient data to decision pipelines: Snowpark makes it easy to build data pipelines that use familiar constructs and third-party data libraries, while ThoughtSpot provides a new consumer-grade experience for business users to engage with those pipelines at scale, helping both technical and nontechnical easily and efficiently go from data to decisions.  

  • Build smart and interactive data apps: Product leaders can build, test, iterate, and launch interactive data apps or embed search-driven analytics in their products with ThoughtSpot Everywhere that leverage Snowpark and subsequently drive richer analytics experiences. 

Soaring customer adoption of ThoughtSpot and Snowflake

The announcement comes on the heels of significant customer adoption of ThoughtSpot and Snowflake. Over the last quarter, ThoughtSpot saw a 200% increase in the number of net new customers  sold in partnership with Snowflake over the previous quarter. 

“Enterprises are actively seeking to transform their businesses by leveraging the power of data and insight. With ThoughtSpot for Snowpark, companies can harness this incredibly powerful combination to revolutionize how their business uses data,” said Jayant Prabhu, VP & Global Head, Data & Analytics, Wipro Limited. “Our elite partnership with Snowflake and ThoughtSpot, along with our deep industry and domain expertise, help us provide clients with rich analytics experiences and accelerate their Intelligent Enterprise journey.”

“More powerful, nuanced data experiences, fueled by machine learning, AI, and analytics are the competitive edge for modern companies. The key is getting them into the hands of business users” said Seann Gardiner, SVP Business Development, ThoughtSpot. “Snowflake has made it easier to put these technologies to work through a variety of programming languages with the launch of Snowpark. ThoughtSpot is now taking this a step further, making these use cases tangible for the business people who make decisions, engage with customers, and ultimately chart the course for their organizations.”

“We live in a world where rich data experiences, powered by the cloud, AI, and machine learning, are crowning the winners in today’s market. ThoughtSpot and Snowflake work together to help individuals from all levels of an organization use, learn from, and take action with data efficiently and effectively,” said Harsha Kapre, Product Manager, Snowflake. “As companies look to bring analytics to their business users, or build data applications to engage with customers and partners,  partnership with ThoughtSpot  can help joint customers realize the promise of data democratization.”

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