Health Market Research’s new HMR haia takes pharmaceutical decision-making into the 21st Century

Breakthrough service delivers fast, easy, accurate decisions through search & AI-driven analytics powered by ThoughtSpot

LISBON and LONDON — 2 February 2021 — HMR, a multinational market intelligence and consulting services specializing in the pharmaceutical industry, announces today the commercial availability of its new HMR haia analytics platform. This new ‘21st century’ system, powered by cloud analytics provider ThoughtSpot, was engineered to meet modern business users’ high expectations for ease, speed and agility. HMR haia is available immediately from HMR

Setting a higher bar for pharma analytics

After a decade listening to the concerns of industry professionals, HMR recognized the market need to ‘raise the bar’ and reinvent the user experience to meet today’s expectations. Harnessing the power of ThoughtSpot’s AI and search, HMR haia lets pharmaceutical professionals ask data questions in a familiar Google-like search experience using natural language. The system gives instant answers to support optimal product, marketing, and sales decisions, without having to involve IT or data experts.

HMR haia delivers a fundamentally new paradigm for pharmaceutical professionals to work with their data, breaking free from the legacy systems that have historically held back data use. HMR haia is not a ‘step change’ in usability but a whole new way of working with data that offers:

  • Instant access to forecasts, correlations and trends analysis to support informative decision making, even in ‘live’ settings like meetings

  • Key insights in a split second explained in natural language

  • Scheduled dashboard deliveries to ensure timely report updates

  • The ability to closely monitor key performance indicators (KPIs)

  • The ability to easily get and share insights and dashboards with colleagues

  • The ability to receive notifications and access market information anywhere, at any time

SpotIQ, ThoughtSpot's AI engine is behind HMR haia’s advanced features, including the ability to instantly spot data trends and outliers and recommending insights tailored to users' roles, preferences, and histories.

A key HMR haia differentiator is that it unlocks the most valuable data source to conduct our market research and consulting projects: actual pharmacy dispensing and sales, also known as ‘sell-out’ data. As João Norte, CEO, HMR explains: “HMR haia’s ability to analyse sell-out data in ThoughtSpot makes it possible to gain an insightful and timely view of the real activity between pharmacies and their customers, offering a meaningful and innovative user experience. Using this data, we’re also now able to provide our customers with a wider range of consulting services.”

Spencer Tuttle, ThoughtSpot’s VP EMEA, commented, “It’s particularly gratifying when we find opportunities to help companies like HMR, which are using ThoughtSpot to build 21st century solutions to old problems in established industries. Also, as an embedded analytics service for customers, HMR haia helped to inspire our exciting new ThoughtSpot Everywhere platform. We heartily congratulate HMR on their launch today and look forward to collaborating on further innovations to benefit the pharmaceutical industry.”

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About HMR

Created in 2009, HMR is a Portuguese multinational company focused on the development of relevant Knowledge for the Healthcare sector, with subsidiary companies in Portugal, Spain, and Ireland.

Today, HMR is a reference company for the knowledge and specialized consultancy services it can provide to all healthcare stakeholders.

Our mission is to improve our customers performance in the pharmaceutical industry, by sharing knowledge based on daily information collected at a pharmacy level, and monthly information collected from hospitals and mass-market chains, allowing our customers to take well informed decisions.

To share the full power of knowledge we offer multiple types of solutions and skills – the most adequate and comprehensive level of service to all our customers, regardless of the market segment or product life cycle stage. As an assurance of accuracy, our international team of experts guarantee the excellence of the analysis and the quality of insightful knowledge.

About ThoughtSpot

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