Know sooner.
Move faster.

Limitlessly search all of your
cloud data for actionable insights
with the only self-service
Live Analytics platform built for
the modern data stack.

Loved by startups, trusted by enterprises.

What is the Modern Analytics Cloud?

The Modern Analytics Cloud delivers Live Analytics
for your modern data stack – empowering your colleagues,
partners, and customers to turn data into actionable insights.
Whether you’re using the ThoughtSpot application, embedding
insights into apps like Salesforce and Slack, or building entirely
new data products, the Modern Analytics Cloud will help you
build your business on data.

Why ThoughtSpot?

We make it possible for anyone to use search and AI to find
hidden insights in your company data. Put the most innovative
technologies from across the cloud ecosystem in the hands of
your entire team. With our developer-friendly platform you can
embed actionable insights into your applications or build an
entirely new breed of interactive data apps.



Provide true
self-service analytics with
Search & AI



Build interactive
data apps on an open developer-centric platform with flexible APIs



Bring data insights directly
into your favorite business apps to
drive smarter actions


Why Everyone Loves ThoughtSpot?

ThoughtSpot lets anyone ask any questions, find insights, and drill infinitely into their company data in seconds.


Instant Insights for all.

Stop waiting for custom reports from data experts and instantly answer ad-hoc data questions on the fly.

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Unleash the value of your cloud data.

Maximize the value of your cloud data platform and accelerate speed-to-insight for everyone across your business.

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Embed Live Analytics in your app.

Drive adoption by embedding search and insight-driven actions into your apps using our developer-friendly platform.

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Bye-bye backlog.

Empower non-technical people to answer their own data questions, while you build a single source of truth with security and governance at scale.

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Connect to your favorite
cloud data platform in seconds

Search your cloud data in a whole new way with live-query on your cloud data

The power of 1,000 analysts in your hand.

SpotIQ AI-Driven Insights

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ThoughtSpot in Action

Democratize access to insights in minutes and transform the way your company uses data.

ThoughtSpot Embrace:
From Zero to Search in Minutes


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The most successful companies use ThoughtSpot.

See how the most innovative organizations use ThoughtSpot
to get more value from their data.

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"I have never seen any analytics solution deliver the ease of use, the depth of insights, and the speed at massive scale that ThoughtSpot delivers."



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