Why I joined ThoughtSpot: Kuntal Vahalia, SVP of Worldwide Channel and Alliances

This blog is part of our ongoing ‘Why I joined ThoughtSpot’ series, where we profile Spotters from around the world to learn who they are and why they chose a career at ThoughtSpot.

Kuntal Vahalia has recently joined ThoughtSpot as the SVP of Worldwide Channel and Alliances and is based out of San Francisco, California. On weekends, you will find him biking the hills of San Francisco, sneaking in a short Scrabble game, pounding the tennis courts for a 4.0 rating, or honing his photography skills. At ThoughtSpot, Kuntal is responsible for growing and strengthening our Channel, GSI, and Tech Alliances to create leverage for our global community of Spotters and provide value to our partners so they can have success driving significant business outcomes for our joint customers. Here’s what he has to say about #LifeAtThoughtSpot.

How did you hear about ThoughtSpot?

I was boarding a plane from NYC and I got a LinkedIn message from Spencer Tuttle, Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) at ThoughtSpot. It mattered to me that the CRO was initiating an outreach for a critical role and it spoke a lot about both Spencer’s style and Thoughtspot culture. That was the first time I heard about Thoughtspot. 

What are your top three reasons for joining ThoughtSpot?

As an ecosystem builder, I look for three key ingredients in a company:

  1. Can partners/channels add value to our customers? 

  2. Can partners build a revenue stream?  

  3. Am I working with good humans? 

Without a doubt, ThoughtSpot checks all three boxes. 

  • ThoughtSpot’s Live Analytics democratizes innovation across the enterprise and breaks the silos between IT and the line of business. It changes the operating model for an enterprise by making data actionable with insights at every level in the enterprise. 

  • Enterprise data is exploding. Every digital transformation is a data transformation. Our customers are modernizing the entire analytics stack and I believe partners can drive tremendous value and revenue helping modernize the data stack with ThoughtSpot as the experience or interaction layer.

  • Lastly, my early impressions of the people and culture is that this is a team galvanized around a singular mission of making the world more fact-driven without any egos or agendas. My onboarding has been seamless and I feel blessed with the warm welcome and the ramp up.

How is working at ThoughtSpot different from your past organizations?

ThoughtSpot is the largest organization I have joined. I am blown away by the overall readiness of the company. We have an amazing market fit with our platform, we can meet the customers and partners where they are and are well positioned in the cloud data ecosystem to accelerate our growth. Lastly, our culture and continuous pursuit of Selfless Excellence makes us a tight knit community.

What advice do you have for new Spotters joining the team?

Think big. We are not a legacy BI company. Our product sits at a unique intersection of search, AI, and analytics, which has never been done before. Lets drive outsized and transformational impact to our customers and ecosystem with this unique opportunity that we have. And let's have some fun along the way!

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