The Fab 5 in ThoughtSpot 5

We’re extremely excited to have launched ThoughtSpot 5 a few weeks ago during our very first customer conference, Beyond 2018. Given the response that we saw for the features in ThoughtSpot 5, we’re pretty sure that you would be excited about them too.

Thoughtspot 5 takes the search based analytics platform to a new level with a robust set of new features that make it easier to ask questions, allow greater extensibility and flexibility than ever before, all with a view to enhance the already fantastic performance of the application.


The defining feature of ThoughtSpot has been it’s search to allow for easy querying of data. We’re happy to announce that we’re making it even easier to search with our new SearchIQ feature. Natural language querying is always a tough act to perfect. Getting the answer correct will depend very much on getting the context correct. That is why sites like Google returns millions of results and lets the user choose the correct answer.

Unfortunately we don’t have that luxury in the analytics world and hence we’re all the more proud of this feature in that it gives an answer as close as possible to the user intent and at the same time gives an easy capability to correct it and let the system learn if the interpretation is different.

Materialized Views

ThoughtSpot is being used more and more for complex analysis these days. Many times that means analysts will do one level of aggregation and filtering using the aggregated worksheet capability and use that in further queries down the line. In ThoughtSpot 5 we’re renaming them to views so that they can be further differentiated from the Worksheet objects. The other major capability that we’re allowing for is to materialize these views into memory, to make them really fast.

ThoughtSpot has always been highly regarded when it comes to the performance of it’s database. With Materialized Views, the same performance can be applied even for very complex analytics that require multiple levels of aggregation

Enhanced Visualizations

Visualizations and ease of use are very critical to Thoughtspot in ensuring that users of all levels are excited about their data. Happy to say that we’ve made a number of critical advancements in ThoughtSpot 5. From the ability to customize the colors to your exacting requirements, to the new stacked bar chart type that allows for enhanced breakdown analysis by attributes, there is plenty to keep everyone excited. There are plenty of enhancements in our table layouts that makes it easier to view those large reports. Also added are enhance capabilities around filtering like excluding certain values while including other values.

Flexible Worksheet Joins

As we begin to hit more and more complex use cases, the flexibility to customize the join types at a per join level instead of the whole worksheet became critical and that is what we’re offering through this new capability. So one would be able to specify each and every join in worksheet to be a right join or a left join or a full outer or an inner join.

This becomes very useful in cases like when we want to know all the products that might have never been sold or if we want to know sales for products that are not yet in the product dimension.

SpotIQ Amp

With SpotIQ, users are able to get plenty of insights about their data. It also allows for a certain amount of customization about the attributes to look into or the different types of analysis to be done. But in many cases, our users have been craving for a lot more customizable analysis. So with SpotIQ Amp, we now allow for users to be able to come up with their custom R scripts.

This marries the best of both worlds in that our users can now leverage the fast performance of our in-memory database for querying the data and these R scripts to be able to do custom analysis. By letting our users install their own R libraries, they can also create many more types of visualizations that are available with R. Also watch out for this space as we integrate more with DataRobot and Google Cloud to enhance these capabilities further.

These features are to just give you a flavor of what all we have introduced. There’s plenty more to be excited about ThoughtSpot 5!

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