Leveraging a Next-Generation Analytics Platform to Benefit Your Business

Data is accumulating at exponential rates, and companies of all sizes and industries are trying to figure out how to use theirs to gain a competitive edge.

These companies have three options:

  • Gather as much data as possible and hope it translates to business value.

  • Assemble a talented data analytic team and trust them to align data processing with overall business goals.

  • Leverage a next-generation analytics platform so employees can easily answer their own questions without having to send a support ticket or dive into a messy data dump.

What Is Next Generation Analytics?

Next-gen analytics can mean a variety of things, but generally refers to the use of big data, machine learning, internet of things (IoT) and data visualization as a means of easily digesting large amounts of data, gaining real-time insights and predicting outcomes.

At ThoughtSpot, we also believe any next-generation analytics platform should shift companies from reactive reporting and instead empower them to integrate data analyzation into their daily workflows.

Here are just a few of the ways ThoughtSpot makes this happen.

Insight at Scale

Have hundreds or thousands of employees needing data-driven answers on a daily basis? ThoughtSpot was built with scalability in mind, allowing millions of queries on billions of data rows to be made simultaneously. Instead of having an entire department of data roles bogged down with report requests, Spot IQ lets businesses move faster.

Provides Actionable, Real-Time Answers

Let’s say a hotel booking site wants to know its slowest time of year and which cities have the most bookings during the slow period. You don’t need to ask a team of data scientists and wait weeks for an answer. Simply type your query into the ThoughtSpot bar as you would Google and enjoy fresh, real-time insights. Spot IQ also identifies hidden trends with a single click.

The Power of Visualization

Humans process information through images much faster than text-based data, which is why ThoughtSpot answers users’ queries through easy-to-digest charts, graphs and interactive dashboards, providing employees with clear takeaways on what they need to know so they can push progress forward.


The more quality data that SpotIQ is exposed to, the more it learns what’s important to a user and organization. Users can continually personalize their insights by selecting a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” to the answers they’re shown. SpotIQ also uncovers data anomalies that otherwise might go undetected, identifies leading data indicators, isolates trends and automatically segments data.

It’s time your company freed itself from its data. Request a personalized demo to learn more about how ThoughtSpot can help your business get value from data.

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