Did search just get even faster with ThoughtSpot + BI Engine for Google BigQuery?

Today’s an exciting day for the cloud data space. Google has officially launched expanded support for Google BigQuery with BI Engine. 

For those of you who don’t know, BI Engine is a fast, in-memory analysis service. For customers with data stored in BigQuery, this means they can interact and analyze their data incredibly quickly, with sub-second query response times, and with high concurrency. 

This is fantastic news for our customers. Some of our forward-thinking customers like Fisher-Price, JD Sports, and CNA, have moved data and analytics workloads to Google Cloud Platform in the last few years to take advantage of the fantastic capabilities the platform provides. We’ve seen even more of you adopting Google BigQuery as your cloud data warehouse and making the full-scale journey to being truly cloud-driven. 

It’s a journey we’ve been proud to be a part of since launching our partnership with Google three years ago. As we’ve continued to expand our relationship with Google, we’ve been focused entirely on delivering transformative results to you, our customers. 

"What used to take a data professional 15 to 20 minutes can be done in seconds with ThoughtSpot running on Google Cloud."<br>Greg Capodagli, Senior Marketing Manager, Fisher-Price/

Greg Capodagli, Senior Marketing Manager, Fisher-Price


And with today’s exciting developments, we’re taking another big step forward to help you get even more value from your cloud data.  

With the expanded support for BI Engine, our customers using ThoughtSpot on Google BigQuery will automatically be able to leverage these new capabilities. 

BI Engine comes with a new simplified architecture, so you can say goodbye to managing complex data pipelines. Instead, BI Engine performs in-place analysis, right from within BigQuery, bringing a whole new meaning to simple. With smart tuning, queries are automatically tuned by moving data between BI Engine’s in-memory storage, the BigQuery query cache, and BigQuery storage. What does that mean for you? Optimal performance and response times with minimal tuning and overhead. 

The same powerful, yet easy-to-use search experience you love from ThoughtSpot just got even faster for our joint customers. 

The best part? All of this works seamlessly and out of the box. There’s no waiting or complex set up required. Whether you’re unleashing your cloud data through the ease of SaaS with ThoughtSpot Cloud or using ThoughtSpot Embrace and connecting directly to Google BigQuery, you can bring together everything the new BI Engine has to offer with the most intuitive and scalable BI platform in the market today. 

We all know agility is more important than ever. With BI Engine for Google BigQuery and ThoughtSpot, searching your cloud data to find powerful insights just got even faster. 

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