Connecting ThoughtSpot to SAP with DVW Analytics & Alteryx

Data is everywhere. From public clouds, to private clouds, to on premises, organizations are storing and leveraging data throughout their organization. As companies seek to better leverage this precious asset and expose it to business users, however, many are slowed down by the complex process of pulling the data from these different systems into a business intelligence platform.

SAP is a perfect example. Many of ThoughtSpot’s customers have deployed SAP systems across their enterprises and built valuable stores of data over the years. These customers want to not only power their processes with this data, they want to analyze it to find insights that can improve these same processes. It’s critical they have a simple process to extract this data and related business logic from SAP systems into ThoughtSpot. 

That’s why we’re excited to introduce the DVW Analytics SAP connector in partnership with Alteryx. 

With the new connector, customers can use ThoughtSpot technology partner Alteryx to easily extract data from a variety of SAP and BusinessObjects sources and load them into ThoughtSpot. These systems include: SAP BW Queries, SAP BW InfoProviders, SAP Tables, SAP HANA CDS Views, SAP Queries, SAP Reports, SAP Transactions, SAP Attachments, BusinessObjects Universes, and BusinessObjects Webi Reports. 

The best part? The new connector is baked into Alteryx and has zero impact on your SAP installation, so you can be up and running immediately.

This means our many enterprise customers using Alteryx today can extract, prep, and load SAP data in ThoughtSpot, enabling a much broader set of business users to search, analyze, and act on the insights they find. We’ve already seen users in areas like finance, supply chain, and procurement finding insights that change the way they operate. 

Get connected and start searching all your SAP data. It’s that simple. If you want to see it for yourself, reach out to us and we’ll show you the new connector in action.