Building the Future of Data in ANZ in 2021

As we kick off 2021, I’m reminded just how different the start of this new year is from the start of 2020. The pandemic not only changed our personal lives, but reshaped business forever. As the world around us transformed seemingly overnight, plans went out the door and everything had to be reassessed. 

One bright spot amidst all the disruption? The power of data. Across ANZ, we saw data’s ability to help governments respond to the pandemic. We saw individuals from all walks of life engaging with data like never before. And we saw businesses turn to their data to pivot quickly, deliver critical services, and help society come out stronger on the other side. 

The same was definitely true for us at ThoughtSpot. We had to rethink how we worked as a team as well as how we worked with customers and partners to help them navigate such dramatic change. Here’s what we’ve been working on to help the analytics ecosystem leverage the power of data in new ways in 2021.

Bringing the new ThoughtSpot down under

Last year was a tough one for technology and business leaders, but it was also a forcing function to shed the shackles of the past and embrace the future when it comes to their data. In my conversations with executives, many of them have pointed to the pandemic as the cause pushing them to try to digitally transform, move to the cloud, and build a modern company. 

At ThoughtSpot, we’re dedicated to making that journey as valuable as possible. Moving to the cloud and digitally transforming requires companies to think about their data differently, as my colleague Cindi Howson pointed out. 

That’s why we launched two exciting new products at the end of 2020, specifically built to help companies democratize the power of their cloud data seamlessly. ThoughtSpot Cloud, launched in September last year, is the first SaaS offering for search and AI-driven analytics. With ThoughtSpot Cloud, customers can go from zero to search with ThoughtSpot on their cloud data faster than ever before. And with the introduction of ThoughtSpot One, they have a completely redesigned search experience that brings the best of the consumer world to analytics. You can see the power of the new ThoughtSpot for yourself. 

Shining the light on our partner Infonyx

Helping companies across ANZ reimagine how they use data and transform their businesses is a tall order - and one we couldn’t do without the help of our incredible partners. One of our newest partners is Infonyx, an Australian Data Analytics and Information Consultancy specialising in delivering future-proof data solutions. 

Infonyx guides companies on the entire data lifecycle, from designing innovative analytics strategies through to data implementation and advanced analytics. By partnering together, we’re able to scale our work and bring self-service, automation and cutting edge analytics to more companies in ANZ than ever before.

As Infonyx CEO Yogesh Nerukar said, “ThoughtSpot brings a game changing capability empowering business users to consume data seamlessly and easily and therefore has become core to the Infonyx service offerings.” I’m incredibly excited to team up with the entire Infonyx team to help companies unleash the value of their data in new, innovative ways. 

The path ahead

There’s no doubt in my mind that the year ahead is going to have its own challenges. But I’ve never been more optimistic about what the future holds, especially when it comes to the world of data. 

Companies are ready to break with the past and step boldly into the future, a future where cloud, analytics, and AI come together to arm every employee with data-driven insights. 

It’s a future I feel lucky to be building. Let us show you how.