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Teradata and ThoughtSpot

Go from analytics to answers with the power of search & AI

The power of Teradata
meets the simplicity of search

Analyze your massive data sets in Teradata with lighting-fast queries

Get the most
out of your data

ThoughtSpot uses a live, optimized connection so you can leverage the investments you’ve already made in Teradata

See all your data, both
on-premises or in the cloud

Whether Teradata Vantage is deployed on-premises or in the cloud, ThoughtSpot gives you the most granular insights while leaving the data wherever it resides

Scale your analytics
as data volumes grow

Start small and elastically scale compute or storage by leveraging a modern architecture

Run live queries when you connect
directly to your Teradata data warehouse

Get a unified, integrated environment that delivers the best
of analytics and modern cloud architecture at scale

Connect to Teradata


Instant insights for all on Teradata

ThoughtSpot on Teradata delivers incredible performance with speed at scale so more people can get insights on more data


Enable business users to ask their own ad-hoc questions, while analysts can focus on strategic initiatives and driving digital transformation initiatives.

Business Teams

Business users in any department can use the power of search & AI on Teradata to quickly answer their own data questions without needing to ask for help.

Data Engineers

Analyze the data where it resides by querying it live in Teradata. You get the most up-to-date insights without having to move the data out of the platform.

IT Operations

Use Embrace for Teradata for unrivaled performance and scalability. Efficiently run analytic workloads as your usage grows without compromising your users’ experience.

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Search and AI-Driven Analytics for Teradata

Learn how to use the power of search and AI to uncover insights on Teradata for on-premises and in the cloud — all without moving your data.

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ThoughtSpot on Teradata

ThoughtSpot Embrace brings search & AI directly to Teradata Vantage. Live query your Teradata Vantage data analytics environment to get blazing fast, granular insights while leaving your data where it resides.

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The 6 Biggest Trends in Analytics in 2020

The world of analytics is changing faster than ever before, with no signs of slowing down. But which trends will live up to the hype and which will fall flat?

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