Deliver Trusted Data for Search and AI-driven Analytics

Why ThoughtSpot and Talend

Enterprise-grade data fabric gives you the data you
need, when you need it

Leave no data behind

Talend’s 200+ data connectors let analysts and data engineers expand the reach of search & AI-driven analytics to a vast set of data sources.

Transform, enrich, and combine complex enterprise data

Deploy fast and at scale with repeatable workflows that perform common transformations on large, complex data.

Built-in data quality and governance

Discover and resolve data quality problems up front, and ensure compliant and trustworthy data is available to everyone who needs it.

Why ThoughtSpot?

Now anyone can use search and AI to find hidden insights in your company data. Put the most innovative technologies from across the cloud ecosystem in the hands of your entire team with consumer-grade analytics.



Provide true
self-service analytics with
Search & AI



Build interactive
data apps on a developer-friendly, low-code platform with flexible APIs



Bring data insights directly
into your favorite business apps to
drive smarter actions

Want to see the magic in action?