As a business, you may already employ a team of analysts to help you tackle data-related questions. Unfortunately, this strategy can take a lot of time, energy and resources to get off the ground – which is why some organizations are leveraging artificial intelligence software that works with humans to optimize business intelligence and data insights.

We here at ThoughtSpot share that same ambition. That’s why we developed SpotIQ, an AI-driven data intelligence solution that provides automated insights with a single click. As your employees ask questions of your structured data via our Relational Search engine, SpotIQ learns what’s important to your organization and fine-tunes its algorithms to provide more relevant insights.

In other words, the more your staff uses ThoughtSpot to search and analyze your data, the smarter this AI software becomes. Below are a handful of features and functionalities making SpotIQ a leader in data analytics and AI machine learning.

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