Business Intelligence Tools You Can't Live Without

There comes a time in every company’s existence when leaders must ask themselves: Which business intelligence solutions should we use moving forward? You know your business is growing, so your BI strategies need to be scalable and flexible. You know your main goal in utilizing BI is to monetize your data, meaning its results should drive savvy decision-making and revenue.

At the end of the day, it really boils down to keeping the business intelligence tools you can’t live without. Here’s a closer look at three BI tools ideal for optimizing how you put company data to use.

Relational Search Engine<br>What if you could ask your data the most pressing questions—then extract the answers in seconds? The process really is that simple using our Relational Search Engine. This tool allows end users to instantly create data visualization models, reports and dashboards featuring their findings. It also offers guided search suggestions to make sure users are zeroing in on the correct queries.

Result: Instant answers from multiple sources/millions of data rows or more—no specialized training required.

AI-Driven Data Analytics<br>It can be so frustrating to just know that useful insights are lurking inside your stores of data. The SpotIQ Engine uses artificial intelligence in the form of analytics algorithms to identify and return actionable insights, like trends, outliers and causal relationships. It returns them in simple, natural language narratives that are easy to understand.

Although AI-driven solutions actually execute the queries, humans oversee the process and provide feedback to make it even more effective for the future.

Result: Previously hidden data insights become crystal clear; end users can even get push notifications to stay in the loop on relevant discoveries.

Embedded Analytics<br>Just as important as how your team finds insights is how you share them. With embedded analytics like charts, dashboards and data APIs, it’s easy to insert your business intelligence right into your favorite portals and applications. With embeddable dashboard solutions, it’s intuitive for everyone to get and stay on the same page.

Result: Company-wide data access and beyond, guided by enterprise-grade security controls.

The best business intelligence tools integrate smoothly into your existing workflows. Explore the possibilities with ThoughtSpot today!


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