Embedded analytics in the age of generative AI

Every company around the globe is trying to get in on the GenAI wave to simplify user experiences with natural language. And this is especially true in the realm of data and analytics.

Imagine if you could enable all of your marketers to evaluate the performance of their campaigns with a simple question?

Or, if you could provide all of your insurance risk managers with the ability to analyze the risk profile of their claims with the power of search and automated insights? 

By harnessing ThoughtSpot Embedded, you can accelerate data-driven decision-making for all your employees, customers, and partners with the power of generative AI. The enhanced ThoughtSpot Embedded Developer SDK, along with new resources and pricing for both developers and product teams, empowers you to seamlessly integrate AI-powered analytics into your web applications and portals.

Our vision: Invisible analytics, visible outcomes

No, that’s not a typo. As of today, we are renaming our embedded analytics platform, ThoughtSpot Everywhere, to ThoughtSpot Embedded—a name that reflects our vision of the future.

ThoughtSpot Embedded allows your application and portal to become an analytical powerhouse for your end users by embedding all of ThoughtSpot’s AI-powered analytics including natural language search, interactive charts and reporting, and advanced analytics like forecasting and anomaly detection into your application. You can now make your application data come alive by enabling your users with true self-service analytics to make timely, data-driven decisions.

GenAI represents the biggest wave of opportunity for data and analytics, redefining the speed at which businesses can turn data into insights and drive meaningful outcomes. We’re helping our customers ride this wave by making analytics experiences seamless and invisible, while simultaneously ensuring the delivered impacts remain strikingly visible. 

As Wayne Eckerson, a distinguished analyst and thought leader in this field, says, “Analytics becomes pervasive when it disappears.”

This sentiment is also reflected in the data. In a Product Led Alliance survey, more than half of the respondents say embedded analytics directly results in increased engagement and revenue. Other cited benefits include customer retention, activation, and acquisition. 

As we continue to enhance every aspect of ThoughtSpot, including our product, pricing, and go-to-market strategy, our goal is not just to make analytics capabilities available everywhere, but rather, to seamlessly embed analytics into every data application and user workflow so our users can focus on the outcomes.

How ThoughtSpot Embedded brings analytics to everyone

In this way, ThoughtSpot is helping businesses make the most of every moment—find six real-world customer examples here

Whether you’re looking to make real-time, data-driven decisions, reshape the future of your business with generative AI, or both, ThoughtSpot can help you achieve this mission. Let’s look at some of the product innovations bringing this vision to life.

GenAI-powered search tailored to your applications

In January this year, we launched ThoughtSpot Sage Embed—an all-new natural language search experience powered by GenAI—in our Visual Embed SDK.

Overnight, this meant our software customers could simply call a single SDK function and integrate best-in-class search experiences into their products with just one line of code. A line of code that completely revamped data experiences provided by embedded analytics customers such as MDAudit, Act-On, and many more. 

Image or gif of Sage Embed in Developer Playground

Try ThoughtSpot Sage Embed now for free.

With just a few more lines of code, you can now tailor the styling and look-and-feel of ThoughtSpot Sage—making it truly yours. Of course, how you want to implement natural language search to achieve an outcome for your customers is also unique to you. 

With that in mind, we have included a ton of new enhancements including: 

  • AI-suggested questions

  • Customizable UI elements and buttons

  • Greater control over user actions

Here’s what we mean by user actions: Perhaps you want the user to self-serve and save their search into an Answer, pin it to Liveboard, or simply have the experience live on as an ad-hoc search within your app? With enhanced user action controls, the choice is yours.

Developers get a productivity boost

In our customer chats, we also heard that your dev team has a few items on their wish list: simplified hosting, deploying serverless back-end and front-end projects to quickly build your cloud web applications, and wanting to use Vercel for all of that.

That’s why we recently launched ThoughtSpot Embedded on the Vercel Marketplace. If you’re already a Vercel user, you know that this new app listing helps you quickly embed ThoughtSpot into your apps. And with Vercel handling the hosting and infrastructure, all you need to do is follow the in-listing prompt wizard, and you’ll embed AI-powered analytics into your apps in no time.

Screenshot from Vercel Marketplace listing of ThoughtSpot Embedded

We also understand that not every question is a support ticket. Sometimes you may have one-off coding questions, or maybe you’re looking for some suggestions from an embedded analytics expert. This is especially true when it’s crunch time on a looming product deadline. 

Our new Discord channel empowers you to engage directly with a ThoughtSpot Embedded expert. With available reps across time zones, this channel is designed for developers who need quick answers about the Embed SDK, REST API, or debugging an embedded analytics project. The Discord channel is also the foundation of the ThoughtSpot Embedded developer community so developers can help each other speed up their productivity.

Not feeling the time crunch but still want to get plugged in? Join the channel to discuss all things ThoughtSpot Embedded, interact with subject matter experts, and assist others. All developers are welcome.

A new edition to fit your building

You told us that a 14-day free trial is not enough time to fully explore and test all of the ThoughtSpot Embedded capabilities. We listened. That’s why we are introducing an all-new freemium offering: the Developer Edition. 

If you are a developer using ThoughtSpot's Free Trial, you can now switch to the new Developer Edition after the initial 14-day period and get free access to ThoughtSpot Embedded for one year. This now provides you plenty of time to develop and finetune your applications with embedded analytics before pushing them into production.

Image of Dev and Build Edition feature panels from pricing page

We are confident these updates will help you target new markets with greater platform access and pricing flexibility. I encourage you to visit the new ThoughtSpot Embedded pricing page to learn more about the features included in each edition. 

Better training and certification programs for every developer

Last but not least, we are also re-launching our ThoughtSpot Embedded training courses to all members of ThoughtSpot University. Available for free, ThoughtSpot University now offers three new instructor-led courses that cover everything from the basics of embedding ThoughtSpot to advanced embedding, and even a course on utilizing our REST API framework.

If you’re looking to attain formal recognition of your skills and knowledge in AI-Powered Analytics (and tell the whole world that you’re great at it), we invite you to attain a new paid certification, the ThoughtSpot Embedded Developer

We’re putting GenAI to work for your business and apps 

As ThoughtSpot’s Chief Development Officer, Sumeet Arora said:

It’s an exciting time to be in the world of data and business intelligence. And it’s only getting more exciting from here.” 

We can’t wait for even more customers to put our platform to the test, solving the world’s most interesting challenges and reshaping the future of your fields with data-backed, AI-powered insights delivered at the speed of thought. 

If you’re ready to spark your own Data Renaissance with ThoughtSpot, request a demo or start a free trial today.